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Plastic Pet Sheet Extruder/Pet Sheet Extrusion Line Making Machine/Pet Sheet Roll Production Line

PP PET polycarbonate sheet extrusion extruder making machine line will be packed into plastic films and pallet.

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Pet Sheet Extruder Plastic Sheet Extrusion Manufacturing Production Line

It is PET extrusion with latest generation twin screw extruders – power consumption (energy saving).

PET is a hygroscopic material. At atmosphere condition it absorbs humidity. During the extrusion process the humid material is subject to the hydrolysis chemical reaction that affects the mechanical properties of the extruded foil. For this reason the common technology needs to dry the material with a high level of power consumption.

COWIN can provide the co-extrusion sheet by means of a proper distributor (Feed Block) that builds the desired geometry of the different layers.

The most common co-extruded foil is made of three layers, “A-B-A” geometry, where “A” is the skin layer obtained with 100% of virgin material and “B” is the core layer obtained with recycled material in flakes. Obviously, the extrusion line must be fitted with two extruders, one for the “A” layer and the other for “B” layer. This technology reduces the costs of the final products. twin screw extruder