Pipe extruder machine Pipe Cooling Technical Transformation Method

Date:2022-2-26 Author:XCEXTRUSION

Pipe extruder machine Pipe cooling technical transformation method, how to improve, purpose of improvement and chiller power, etc.

How to improve

  1. Immersion type, soak the pipe in chilled water;
  2. Use one cooling water tank and remove the other two;
  3. Remove all water pumps and cooling towers;
  4. Use the water pump in the industrial chiller for self-circulation;
  5. The water inlet of the water tank is close to the water inlet of the pipe, that is, close to the shaping die;
  6. Fill a certain number of pipes with closed lids in the water tank to reduce the space in the water tank, but make sure that all the pipes are immersed in frozen water;
  7. It is better if the sink can be wrapped with foam;
  8. Install a filter on the return pipe of the chiller, and install a ball valve before and after the filter.

Freezer power

  1. The total input power is about 9KW;
  2. The cooling capacity is about 28KW;
  3. The temperature of frozen water is 3-5℃.

improvement purpose

  1. Save the space occupied by the extruder;
  2. Improve the ovality of the pipe;
  3. Save energy.

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