Extruder parts Screw and Barrel

XC-Extruder parts Screw and Barrel

· Single Extruder Screw Barrel
· Conical Twin Screw And Barrel
· High Efficiency Screw And Barrel
  • Business type: manufacture, foreign trade company.
  • Origin: Zhoushan City, Zhejiang, China
  • Warranty: 12 months for fresh material.
  • International Commercial Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
  • Terms of Payment: L/C, T/T
  • Average Lead Time: Extruder 7 days. Peak season lead time: 3-6 months, Off season lead time: 1-3 months

Components: 1 screw+ 1 barrel + 1 flange
Screw diameter: 45mm to 200mm
Ratio of length: L/D=15 to 30
Based material: Premium 38CrMoAlA

Screw Barrel Technical Parameter

  1. Material: Premium 38CrMoAlA / UNS K24065 / SACM645 / 41CrAlMo7-10
  2. Plasma nitriding layer:0.6-0.8mm
  3. Nitriding time: more than 120 hours
  4. Surface hardness: HV1000-1100
  5. Nitrided Brittleness: Less than Grade1
  6. Surface Roughness: Ra 0.4μm
  7. Screw Linearity: ≤0.015mm
  8. Alloy surface hardness: HRC≥61
  9. Alloy deepness:2-4mm


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