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plastic PC polycarbonate sheet extrusion production making machine

Sheet extrusion machine

1. Light weight: The specific gravity is only half of ordinary glass, and it is not easy to break. It is time-saving and labor-saving to transport and install, and is especially suitable for tall buildings. 2. Light transmittance: The colorless transparent solar panel can provide excellent transparency and surface gloss, and the coloring panel can block the strongest part of the sunlight and make the transmitted light soft. The light transmittance is as high as 92%. 3. Sound insulation performance: It can effectively reduce noise, and is the first choice material for highway noise barriers in the world. 4. Heat transfer: It has a lower thermal conductivity (K value) than ordinary glass and other plastics, which greatly reduces the heat loss. It is an environmentally friendly material for buildings with heating equipment. 5. Impact resistance: PC is one of the best impact resistance among thermoplastics. The solar panel made of PC can maintain good impact resistance for a long period of time in a fairly wide temperature range. “And” Xiang Gang “.sheet extrusion line

sheet extrusion machine
sheet extrusion machine

Indonesia two layers Bubble Film Making Machine High output plastic air bubble roll wrap sheet film making Sheet extrusion machines

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