PP PVC drainage machine for pipe extrusion machine made in China

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Farmland drainage machine and irrigation machine is the use of all kinds of energy and power, carry water into farmland or eliminate excess water machinery and equipment. Generalized farmland drainage machine and irrigation machinery also include well drilling rig, share ditching plow, rotary ditching machine, hidden ditch plow, ditching and pipe laying machine. HDPE PP plastic blow molding machine

drainage machine

The type of dranage machine and irrigation machine

Farmland drainage machine and irrigation machinery can be divided into the following 4 categories , according to irrigation and drainage methods.Ground drainage and irrigation machinery includes water lifting and drainage and siphon irrigation unit. By the agricultural power machinery or the use of natural energy to drive the water pump, from the river, lake, reservoir, pond, well water irrigation farmland, or from the farmland, ditch, canal, pond weir water removal, especially drainage. The motor and water pump can be mounted in a mobile unit on a boat, car or trailer or can be transferred manually. Usually set in the pump room, with inlet, outlet pipes and valves and other hydraulic facilities, built drainage and irrigation station or pumping station (see water lifting irrigation).

Irrigation and drainage machine is a common agricultural tool, it can effectively irrigate water for the field or eliminate excess water, convenient agricultural production. During the idle drainage and irrigation machine, if the maintenance is improper, it is easy to lead to corrosion damage, and even can not be used. Therefore, after the use of drainage and irrigation machine, appropriate maintenance should be carried out.

1.Remove the motor in time and place it indoors for maintenance.

2.The water pump and hose in time to drain the residual water, and pick up. At the same time, check the pump impeller, bearing, cup and other parts of the wear degree, and repair or replace.

3.After the deep well pump is stopped, in order to prevent rust in the rotating part, it should be started from time to time. Generally speaking, every 7-10 days to start, each time should be about 30 minutes. If the storage period is long, it is necessary to extract the pump from the well and put it into storage after maintenance.

4.All kinds of pipes should be cleaned after they are out of use.

5.Confirm that the whole machine is in good condition, install, and coated with lubricating oil, put it into the indoor ventilation and dry place pad high.