China automatic HDPE PP plastic blow molding machine

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A plastic blow molding machine is a molding machine which, in its simplest form, turns plastic particles (softened into liquid) or molded bottles into bottles by means of a process. The bottle blowing machine is convenient and fast, and has large molding capacity. After it appears, it has replaced most of the manual blowing bottles and been adopted by most beverage enterprises.

plastic blow molding machine

Injection plastic blow molding machine is a kind of blow molding method which combines injection molding with blow molding. Firstly, the mold with bottom is produced by injection molding, and then the mold is transferred to the blow mold for blow molding. Injection blow molding is the first step to produce the mold embryo.

The injection agent injects the melt into the injection mold with the blowing core tube to form the mold embryo with the bottom, and then transfers it to the blowing mold of the blowing station through the mechanical device for blowing. After that, the mold is inflated, the blow mold is closed, and the compressed air is introduced into the mold through the mandrel air hole. The mold is tightly fitted with the blow molding cavity under the action of air pressure, and then transferred to the demoulding station after cooling. Finally, the product is demoulded. At the demoulding station, the product is ejected from the mandrel or directly sent to the packaging position, and then the next cycle of production is carried out.

It is suitable for processing large quantities of 5ml to 1L small plastic refined containers and wide mouth containers, such as cosmetics, daily necessities, medicine and food packaging bottles.

Bottle plastic blow molding machine is a kind of equipment which can make plastic granules into hollow containers by blow molding process. It is mainly used in beverage and food industry.

The blow molding machine is suitable for making plastic bottle, jars, small containers, jerrycans from 50ml to 5L, The whole blow molding machine is equipped with bilingual operation panel and automatic configuration from world famous brands to realize the advantages of simple operationand high automation.

Bottle blowing machine is a kind of equipment that makes plastic particles into hollow containers by blow molding process. The more common types of machines include the hollow extrusion and blowing machine using PP and PE molding once, the injection and pull blowing machine using PET, PC or PP molding twice, and the newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion and blowing and stretching blowing.

Most bottle blowers are two-step ones, in which the plastic material must be formed into a bottle embryo and then blown. Nowadays, environmental friendly plastic made of PET material is commonly used. Blow molding machine: after the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the machine blows out the wind, the plastic body is blown to a certain shape of the cavity, so as to make products, this machine is called blow molding machine. Is also a bottle blowing machine, that is, hydraulic bottle blowing machine.


The plastic blow molding machine has the following advantages:
1. Excellent Mechanical Strength, impact-resisting, and non-craking. 
2. Bottle mouth and thread are of precise measurement.
3. Plastic Medicine Bottle’s safe thread can be molding directly.
4. The size and weight of the product can calculate and design clearly and meet the requirement of the design
without any deviation. 
5. The surface of the bottle mouth, neck and the body is good luster and smoothness, the standard of bottle body
is unity. 
6. The joint seam on the bottle body is smooth, no scrap rubber.