PP extrusion machine used in pipe industry

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The material of PP extrusion machine definitely is PP. PP, also known as polypropylene, is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, translucent solid material. It has a thermoplastic synthetic resin with excellent performance, it has good chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, suitable for packaging, electronics and other industries, promote the development of industry, mainly propylene as raw material, ethylene as the copolymer production process.

Polypropylene is a polymer of propylene by addition polymerization. It is white waxy material, transparent and light in appearance. Chemical formula is (C3H6) N, density is 0.89 ~ 0.91g/cm3, flammable, melting point is189℃, softening at 155℃ , the use of temperature range of -30 ~ 140℃. Under 80℃, it can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt liquid and various organic solvents, and can be decomposed under the action of high temperature and oxidation.

Polypropylene is widely used in the production of clothing, blankets and other fiber products, medical instruments, automobiles, bicycles, parts, pipelines, chemical containers, and also used in food and drug packaging.

PP extrusion

As we all know that pipe can be made by PP extrusion machine.And do you know what is PP-R pipe and PERT pipe used for? Let me clarify for you.

PP-R pipe can be used for the following applications:
Conveyance of potable water
Hot and cold water transportation
Underfloor heating
Central heating installations in houses and industries
Industrial transportations (chemical fluids and gasses)
Special applications (undersea networks, networks with a high risk of electrochemical corrosion etc.)

PERT pipe application: PE-RT is widespread in many systems for hot water / heating

The list of equipment configuration for pp extrusion machine.

1Single screw extruderone set
2Automatic mesh changing equipmentone set
3Vacuum Calibrating Standerone set
4Six Roller Traction Machineone set
5Cutting Machineone set
6Tilting Standerone set
7Electrical control systemone set