Parallel twin screw extruder for plastic/twin screw granulation polymer extrusion machine

Date:2022-4-05 Author:

Parallel twin screw extruder is widely used in rubber, plastic and engineering resin filling, blending, modification, strengthening, chlorinated polypropylene and high absorbent resin dewave treatment; Extrusion of degradable master material, polyamide polycondensation and polyurethane polymerization; Carbon powder and magnetic powder granulation, insulation material and sheath material for cable, low smoke and low halogen flame retardant PVC cable material and preparation of various silane crosslinking materials, etc. Small models are mainly used for scientific research and teaching. counter rotating twin screw extruder

Parallel twin screw extruder

Co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder features 

1. Screw components designed by computer aids is kneading type, has excellent self-cleaning function, the new kneading block design effectively avoid the problems of overheating and energy consumption.
2. According to process system and formula requirements, the unit can optimize its L/D ratio, barrel structure, screw array, venting number and location, feeding method, electrical control methods etc. for rational allocation.

3. Granulation system: water-cooling strand pelletizing, air-cooling die face hot cutting, water ring die face hot cutting, Eccentric water mist hot cutting, water and underwater die face hot cutting and so on.

4. Application: Filling Modification, glass fiber (carbon fiber) enhance various kinds of master batch, rubber and plastics compounding, plastic alloys, functional master batch, Various kinds of electric cable material, reactive extrusion. Devolatilization process,  powder coating and so on.

Experimental parallel twin screw extruder for lab use.This machine is suitable for mixing and processing of engineering plastics, modified plastics, waste plastics and masterbatch. It has the functions of homogenization, plasticization, coloring, filling and modification.