High quality food counter rotating twin screw extruder 0.5T/h Aquaculture Feed production line

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A counter rotating twin screw extruder includes a motor that generates power through speed reduction of a gear box to directly or indirectly drive two symmetric screw shafts inside an enclosure barrel for synchronous but opposite rotations. Each screw shaft is fit with at least one section of screw and the two screws forms screw flight that are set in opposite directions and alternating each other.

The barrel contains therein at least one flow restriction die. A bearing box is set between the barrel and the gear box.

The purpose is to reduce unnecessarily induced mechanical energy during the conveyance of material and the advantages of using an independent bearing box are that manufacturing costs are reduced and consumption of energy is cut down.

Parts wearing is reduced and durability is enhanced to eventually realize carbon reduction and energy saving.

counter rotating twin screw extruder

Description of the parallel counter rotating twin screw extruder

1.Modular principle design for screw configuration and barrel setup makes combination and cleaning convenient, also easy to adapt to customers’ requirements.
2.Different kinds of pelletizing modes can meet specific material properties: water-cooling strand pelletizing, air-cooling hot-cut pelletizing, water-ring pelletizing, under water pelletizing, etc.
3.Screw elements and kneading blocks are made of high tool steel, with high corrosion-resistant and high wear-resistant.
4.Barrels are made of high quality nitrided steel, corrosion proof and antifriction.
5.Vacuum system fulfills devolatilization to ensure the quality of polymer processing.

Different parallel counter rotating twin screw extruder is a special equipment suitable for all kinds of PVC powder extrusion molding.

Some series of new high efficiency parallel counter rotating twin screw extruder is a kind of high efficiency mixing and extrusion equipment, with the advantages of low shear rate, material is not easy to decompose, plasticizing and mixing evenly, high yield, excellent quality, good self-cleaning, wide range of use, long service life and so on.

This machine is widely used, equipped with the corresponding screw, head, auxiliary machine can be all kinds of thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and modified plastics from the powder state directly extruded into PVC pipe, PVC profile, plate, sheet, wood plastic, soft and hard sheet, bar and granulation and other plastic PVC products.

Screw is cooled by oil cooling system and water cooling system. The screw is cooled by specially designed oil/air cooling system, which has the advantages of convenient maintenance. The cooling system design is special, the cooling area is particularly enlarged, the cooling is rapid, the temperature accuracy can reach ±1℃.

Reducer adopts vertical structure, more compact structure, higher reliability, suitable for PVC material processing.

PLC automatic temperature control, conventional equipment using temperature control meter control, economical and practical, easy to operate.

According to the different formula requirements of users, the most suitable screw is purchased to achieve the best plasticizing state and logistics quality, so that the machine achieves the best specific power and specific flow.

All the screws are processed by high-precision special CNC screw milling machine, which can ensure the high consistency of extrusion performance of each similar extrusion equipment.

It takes the lead in introducing the most advanced screw design technology of variable pitch, variable depth and large length-diameter ratio to make the material shear and compression in the screw more soft and closer to the actual needs.

The distribution box is specially designed, the thrust bearing is especially reinforced, the bearing is imported with original package, the transmission life is long, and it can bear larger extrusion pressure.