Low price high capacity hdpe extrusion factory making machine

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If you want to know what is hdpe extrusion, the knowlege of hdpe you should know first. HDPE is a high crystallinity, non – polar thermoplastic resin. High-density polyethylene is non-toxic, tasteless, odourless white particles, melting point of about 130℃, the relative density of 0.941~0.960. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, good chemical stability, but also has high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength. Dielectric properties, environmental stress cracking resistance is also good. Melting temperature 120~160℃. For materials with large molecules, the recommended melting temperature range is between 200 ℃ and 250℃. High-density polyethylene is a white powder granular product, non-toxic, tasteless, density in the range of 0.940 ~ 0.976 g/cm3; Crystallinity is 80% ~ 90%, softening point is 125 ~ 135℃, using temperature can reach 100℃; The hardness, tensile strength and creep properties are better than those of LDPE.

hdpe extrusion

Hdpe extrusion on pipes

There are many different kinds PE/HDPE/PPR pipe, all the pipes are normally made by hdpe extrusion.

such as : single layer extrusion, two layer co-extrusion , three layer co-extruder, four layer co-extrusion.

will according to customer’s pipe diameter required.

about 20-160mm pipe making,

Diameter range:
20mm; 25mm;32mm; 40mm.50mm; 63mm;
75mm; 90mm; 110mm,125mm,140mm;160mm.
20-63mm, 75-160mm, totally 2 sets mould.

Mould material: 37Cr surface Chrome Plate
Copper moulding and cooling cylinder
Temperature heating devices: stainless steel
heating devices, 6pcs
Temperature control zones: 5zones
Temperature control method: PID temperature controller
Calibrate sleeves connecting method: flanges
Mould structure: co extruding

HDPE extrusion: Grades used for extrusion production generally have a melt index of less than 1 and a medium to wide MWD. During machining, a low MI can obtain a suitable melt strength. Wider MWD grades are more suitable for extrusion because they have higher production rates, lower die pressure and a reduced melt fracture tendency.WPC manufacturing machine

PE has many extruded applications such as wires, cables, hoses, tubes and profiles. Pipe applications range from small section yellow pipe for natural gas to thick wall black pipe for industrial and urban pipelines. Large diameter hollow wall pipes are rapidly growing as an alternative to stormwater drains and other sewer lines made of concrete.