Hot sale plastic granule pellet making recycling machine

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The granulator machine can recycle ground film, waste cloth, waste fiber and waste PET plastic bottles. Screw granulator machine is a molding machine that can make materials into specific shapes.

granulator machine

Plastic granulator — Function:

Using special screw design and different configurations, suitable for the production of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA and other plastic regeneration and mixed color granulation. Reducer adopts high torque design to achieve smooth operation without noise. Screw, barrel by special hardening treatment, with wear-resisting, mixing performance is good, high yield characteristics, vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust port design, can in the production process of water, exhaust gas discharged, using more stable material, more solid particles, to ensure the good quality of products.

Function usage and working principle

Plastic granulator — Production principle:

Using high temperature melting, plasticizing, extrusion process to change the physical properties of plastic, plastic and plastic molding.

The powder in the container (fluidization) appears in the state of fluidization. It is preheated by clean and hot air. At the same time, the solution of adhesive solvent is fogged and sprayed into the container, which turns particles into granules containing adhesive. With continuous drying through hot air, the moisture in the granulation is evaporated and the adhesive is solidification. The process is carried out continuously. Finally, it forms ideal, uniform and porous granules.

Plastic granulator – Use:

Plastic granulator is mainly used for processing of waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, beer package, bag, etc.), woven bags, agricultural convenience bag, basin, barrels and bottles, furniture, supplies, etc., suitable for most common waste plastic, waste plastic recycling industry is used most widely, the most widely used, the most popular with the users of plastic processing machinery.The granulator technology enablesthe processto get rid of pre-drying step.The combination of twin screw extruder and high efficient vacuum system streamlines the whole process, yet keeps the final pelletsin good quality.

Pharmaceutical industry: tablet, capsule, low sugar or no sugar granule of Chinese medicine.

Foodstuff: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice, flavoring and so on.

Other industries: pesticide, feed chemical fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff and so on.

Pharmaceutical industry: power or granule material.

Coating: granules coating of pellet, spare color, slow release film, bowel-dissolve, AC cable.

Attention when you use the granulator machine.

1, granulating machine to run forward; Avoid reversals.

2, granulator no load operation of empty machine, must heat machine feeding operation, so as to avoid the occurrence of stick (holding shaft) phenomenon.

3,Iron and other sundries are strictly prohibited from entering the feeding mouth and vent of the granulator. In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, affect the safety of normal production.