The most popular film blowing machine co extruder in China

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The film blowing machine co extruder is used for blowing PE(HDPE LDPE LLDPE) film, which is widely used for water package bag , laminating film, packing film, agriculture film, film for textile, clothing bag,etc.

Three to five layers film blowing machine co extruder set (IBC film tube inner cooling system)
1. This machine set is to satisfy the customer’s requirements of high quality, high output film blowing equipment. 
2. It adopts the extruder with force feeding function, precision type ceramic heater, precision type double vents air ring, horizontal type rotary traction system, fully automatic surface friction type double cut double winders, computer concentrate control system. 
3. Advanced technique and equipments, compare with kindred equipment, it has the advantages such as more compact structure, high output, better produce quality, less energy consume, easier operation. 
4. It can be widely used into various kind of high transparence packing film manufacture and create the considerable economic benefit for you. 

5. Fully automatic double cut double winders
Auto loader
IBC Film tube inner cooling system
Rotary traction system
Up-down film bubble fixer 

The co extruder of film blowing machine lines

are designed developed by our corporation according to market need, they reach the advanced levels in the 90s, come up with analogous lines in home.It is optimum designed on the trounds of preference of analogous lines in foreign and home.

co extruder

Film blowing machine control Panel

1. Temperature of barrel and die head controlled by digital temperature controller

2. Inverter controls main motor driving speed and film taking up motor running speed

3. Electronics used are all Chinese top brand

4. Current meters and Voltage meters show the working state of motors

5. Small fan installed to avoid high temperature caused by long time running