High quality non woven fabric making machine

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Non-woven fabric has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, flame retardant, non-toxic and tasteless, low price, reusable and so on. Can be used in different industries, such as sound insulation, heat insulation, heating plate, mask, clothing, medical, filling materials. Non-woven fabric making machine mainly include: non-woven bags, non-woven fabric slitting machine, non-woven type machine, non-woven filter cotton weaving machine, non-woven shoe covers, non-woven glove machine, non-woven fruit set of machine, non-woven doctor cap machine, non-woven nurse cap machine, non-woven pillow core set of machine, non-woven non-woven mask machine punching machine, non-woven machine rewinding machine, etc.

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Non-woven fabric is also known as nonwoven fabric, needle-punched cotton, needle-punched non-woven fabric, etc., using polyester fiber, polyester fiber (referred to as: PET) material production, made by needle-punched process, can make different thickness, feel, hardness, etc.

Non-woven fabric making machine is a general name for the production of non-woven products machine, and the use of the overall modular design, compact and reasonable structure. The control part adopts advanced PLC microcomputer control and international famous inverter speed regulation.

The working flow of non woven fabric making machine:The polypropylene raw material is put into the extruder, after melting between the screw and the barrel, it is transported to the melt pump and the filter, after filtering, it is quantitatively sent to the spinneret assembly. At this time, the hot air flow on both sides of the spinneret hole blows out the melt material at a speed close to the speed of sound, so that it is quickly thinned, and in the falling process, it is cooled and solidified by the traction air flow on both sides.

The Advantage of Nonwoven Fabric Making Machine

1.High accurate raw material blender for polyproplyene and additives;

2.High capacity extrusion machine with good screw and barrel;

3.High performance melt filtration system;

4.High Speed with high accurate melt pump;

5.Lastest melt flow design and spinning system;

6.Well-know PLC control system and motors;

7.Smart operation program and monitoring syustem.