Wholesale light weight baseboard plastic borderline

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Baseboard plastic is the adornment material that machine produces, can undertake appraisal from inside and outside two respects. Its intrinsic quality mainly detects the firmness degree of the hardness of its surface and base material and surface finishes bond, good quality product, surface finishes material hardness is high, impact resistance, wear resistance, scratch the surface with a knife without obvious scar, surface layer and base material without separation phenomenon. Its appearance quality mainly detects its simulation degree, the good quality product, the pattern is lifelike, the processing specification is unified, the mouth, the rod splicing freely, the decoration effect is good. Strip wainscoting shall be sealed in plastic without distortion.

Baseboard plastic

1. Baseboard plastic is a water-proof molding that can be installed in both dry and potentially wet areas of the house such us laundries and bathrooms. Because PS material is resistant to water damage and much more durable than a regular wood or mdf baseboard.

2. PS skirting board is 100% recyclable product.

3. PS baseboards have a simplified conservation, as it is easy to clean. Just using a wet cloth through out the moulding is enough to keep the skirting beautiful.

4. High density polystyrene baseboard has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. As it is resistant and does not suffer from certain characteristics that usually affect wood, it has a long useful life and durability. So, we won’t have to change it anytime soon.


1.What baseboard plastic does is they cover up the joint between the wall and the floor.
2.This means that not only do they add an extra dimension to your home but they also prevent bugs, mice and other pesky creatures from chewing up your hard wal.

The feature of the products.

1. Green, healthy and livable

2. Fire rating, security invincible

3. Installation is convenient, that is fitted to live

4. Fashion portfolio, elegant taste

5. Moisture corrosion, high performance

6. Save space, colorful experience

7. Insulation, four seasons energy

8. Easy to clean and easy to clean, not easily deformed

9. Noise reduction, professional wall materials

10. Super hardness, solid and reliable