Plastic PVC twin screw extruder for pipe profile sheet extrusion

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Twin screw extruder is developed on the basis of single screw extruder. Because of its good feeding performance, mixing and plasticizing performance, exhaust performance, extrusion stability and other characteristics, it has been widely used in the molding of extruded products. And pvc twin screw extruder is the machine especially making pvc products. parallel twin screw extruder

pvc twin screw extruder

Plastic extruder is divided into twin screw extruder and single screw extruder as well as uncommon multi screw extruder and non screw extruder. It can be divided according to the number of screws. Single screw extruder is the most widely used, suitable for general material extrusion processing. The twin screw extruder has the advantages of less heat generated by friction, more uniform shear of the material, larger conveying capacity of the screw, more stable extrusion, the material stays in the barrel for a long time, and uniform mixing. And PVC powder extruder is one of its twin screw extruder, conical twin screw extruder. It has the characteristics of forced extrusion, high quality, wide adaptability, long life, small shear rate, material is not easy to decompose, good mixing and plasticizing performance, powder directly forming, temperature control, vacuum exhaust and other devices. Suitable for the production of pipe, plate, special-shaped material and other products

Products making by pvc twin screw extruder

Co-rotating parallel pvc twin screw extruder is made on the principle of modular design for the main engine, combined with the production process of special needs, the screw length to diameter ratio, barrel structure, changing sieve, pelletizing form, and automatic control are flexibly optional.

It advances by leaps and bounds in the manufacture precision and quality of conventional and high-torque transmission case of the hard-toothed surface. The overall reliability and quality stability research reach the domestic leading level.

Combined with powerful design experience, it has a processing manufacturing platform of a special new type of machine structure and screws element.

PVC twin screw exturder :1.Super large output can up to 280KGS/Hr for window profile extrusioin and 300KGS/Hr for wide door panel extrusion.2.Smart design for operation with Simens Smart PLC control system.3.Duplex metal treatment for screw and baprolonged the machine life.4.New design gear box with high efficiency driving system improved extruder’s output.

According to the requirements of different diameters, different wall thicknesses and different output of pipes, there are many models of special pvc conical twin screw extruder to choose from. It adopts a specially designed screw structure, which can evenly heat, plasticize PVC powder and extrude pipes . (1) Motor brand: Siemens (2) Inverter brand: Delta (3) Contactor brand: Siemens (4) Relay brand: Omron (5) Breaker brand: Schneider (6) Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA. (7) Heating method: Ceramic or cast aluminum heating.