Plastic composite WPC profile extruder production Line

Date:2022-4-02 Author:

Profiles is made by profile extruder machine. Hollow profile using perforated needle extrusion and welding extrusion; Solid profile adopts forward extrusion, reverse extrusion and combined extrusion.

This profile extruder production line is bringing in the international advanced technology. It adopts high-efficiency conical double-screw extruder to extrude and vacuum form.
It can produce WPC/PVC door and window profile, elbowboard, wall panel, decoration panel, multi-hole wire through pipe and other profile.
It has been widely used in fields of PVC plastic door and window, construction, decoration,etc.

profile extruder

The profile extruder process flow:

PVC powder + additive → mixing → spring feeding → twin screw extruder → mould → vacuum calibration machine → haul off machine →cutting machine → stacker

1.Twin screw extruder

2.Die head. It can be changed to produce different profiles

3.Vacuum table: due to different profiles, it can be designing of single, double vacuum chambers

4.Haul-off: due to diameter, it can be designing of double, three, four, or six caterpillars

5.Cutter: due to diameter, it can be designing of saw cutter. it has dust collection system to ensure clean surroundings.

6. Stacker.

Plastic  PVC Conical Twin Screw Extruder for Pipe Profile sheet Extrusion 

Application Area:
The Twin Screw Extruder are mainly used for the processing of the soft/hard PVC pipe, PVC foaming board, PVC sheet, PVC Profile, PVC Trunk, PVC Roof tile, PVC Pelletizing and other polyolefin products, especially the direct processing of the plastic/powder materials.

Twin Screw Extruder is applicant for PVC powder material, with different mould and downstream equipment; the plastic extruder can produce pipe, profile, plate&sheet, and pelletizing. The extruder features in good plastic extrusion, good plasticization, even melting, high output capacity, wide application and reliable stability, specially designed gearbox and distributor and reinforced thrust bearing realize large transmission torque and long operation time. Electrical control system: Siemens PLC/PCC auto control system or RKC temperature control, and ABB Invert/transducer, Siemens contactor, and several alarm system.

Different profile is divided by material two kinds. one kind is whole plastic different profile, another kind is to point to plastic material and blame plastic material compound and get compound different profile. Press the soft hard degree of different profiles can be divided into soft qualitative different profiles and hard different profiles. According to plastic variety classification can be divided into PVC profiles, PE profiles, etc., most of them are PVC profiles. The extrusion process of plastic profile is very similar to that of pipe. The following takes PVC as an example to introduce the place where the profile is different from pipe.