High capacity pvc single screw extruder made in China

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A single screw extruder consists of an Archimedean screw rotating in a heated barrel. Because of its simple structure, easy manufacturing, high processing efficiency, low price and is widely used, is the most mature technology, the most used extruder type.

PVC single screw extruder can make pvc sheet and profiles. PVC single screw extruder, including: extrusion head, sleeve, screw, feeding hopper, motor and suction pipe. We can choose pvc single screw extruder according to the usage, material and the final products.

The design of the plastic single screw extruder adopts the technical specifications stipulated by ZBJ19009-88. The gear and shaft parts are made of high-strength alloy steel, with high gear accuracy and good tooth surface hardness. The output end of the hollow shaft is equipped with an over-spec thrust bearing to withstand the rear thrust of the screw. The main standard parts such as bearings and oil seals are all high-quality domestic products. The whole machine has a high carrying capacity, stable transmission, low noise and high efficiency.

PVC single screw extruder

SJ120/25 single screw extruder details

1. Rack It is welded by section steel and plate, and after response force treatment, it has high rigidity and small deformation.2. Gear boxA. Reduction ratio: 20:1 B. Input power: 55-90KW C. Grinding gears with hard tooth surface, low noise, long life, reliable operation D. Forced oil circulation lubrication system
3. Barrel and screw
A. Material of barrel and screw are 38CrMoAlA high-quality nitrided steel B. Nitriding layer depth: 0.4-0.7mm, nitriding hardness: screw 850HV, barrel 930HV C. Screw diameter: 120mm D. L/D=25:1 E. Screw speed: 0~70rpm F. Surface roughness of screw thread: 0.4um G. Roughness of the inner surface of the barrel: 0.4um
4. Heating system (heater)
A. The barrel adopts 4 sets of heaters, and the head is equipped with 4 zone heaters B. Heating power: 3-AC380V, 50HZ C. The heater is covered with a stainless steel safety cover
5. Cooling device
A. The barrel is cooled by 5 sets of centrifugal fans, JF-150 type/zone B. Fan power supply: 3-AC380V, 50HZ
6. Main motor
A. Motor power: 22KW model Y B. The motor and the host are installed in one piece, and the operation is stable and the vibration is small C. Power supply: 3-AC380V, 50HZ D. Motor synchronous speed 1500rpm
7. Output: 50~70kg/h8. Head flange
A. Forged 45# steel is finely machined, and it is connected with the hexagon socket bolts of the machine head device B. Blackened surface treatment
9. Electric control cabinet
A. Electrical control cabinet Horizontal electrical control cabinet with plastic spraying treatment on the surface, which can be integrated with the extruder to install beautifully and tightly.
B. Speed controller: variable frequency speed control stepless speed control, 90 KW
C. Temperature control zone: fully digital intelligent temperature controller, 5 zones on the fuselage, 5 zones on the machine head
D. Power supply: 3-AC380V, 50HZ