Plastic synthetic resin fire resistant PVC corrugated roof tile

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Corrugated roof tile are used in industrial plants. Transparent PVC, corrugated tile is to replace the magnetic tile retro plus innovative elements of the product. It’s usually orange.

Asbestos cement corrugated tile, fiber cement corrugated tile, fiberglass corrugated tile, plastic corrugated tile and other types.

1) Asbestos cement corrugated roof tile can be divided into ordinary asbestos-cement corrugated tile and steel wire asbestos-cement corrugated tile. the former for – like roofing. the latter for high temperature, vibration or riot roofing.

2) Fiber-glass corrugated tile is a large category. It includes glass fiber reinforced FRP tile and glass fiber reinforced cement tile and other tile.

3) Plastic corrugated tile has red mud plastic color tile, polyethylene plastic tile and polypropylene plastic tile. And its color has red blue green white and other colors. It suitables for the roof which requires specific color.

corrugated roof tile

Advantages of corrugated roof tile. cost
2. Loading bearing: It can load 150 kg per square meter evenly;
3. Light weight: 5-6.0kg/square meter;
4. Water resistance: 100%;
5. Fire resistance: Self-extinguish off fire;
6. Anti corrosion;
7. Impact resistance and low temperature resistance;
8. Sound and heat insulation;
9. Small Thermal expansivity;
10. Environmental protection and energy conservation;
11. Easy to install.

The biggest disadvantage of PVC tile is easy to fade outdoors.
In order to solve the fading problem of PVC corrugated tiles. ASA materials are mainly used for co-extrusion. Due to the high cost of ASA materials, limited its application.
To solve this problem. After repeated experiments, we successfully developed a new type of composite material. It not only solves the fading problem of PVC tiles, also significantly reduces the cost of co-extruded ASA tiles.
It is the composite material with the lowest cost and good comprehensive performance in the world.