China factory direct sell best quality decorative wood gussets

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Material of the decorative wood gussets is imported solid wood veneer with a thickness of 3MM from various precious woods such as red beech and cherry wood. After complicated equipment process, 160T pressure and 250 degree high temperature, the veneer is firmly fixed on the template base.

The finishing part of the paint includes carpentry work and carpentry paint work. Produced by finishing and then assembled on site.

Decorative wood gussets

Classification of decorative wood veneer texture

Veneer is also called veneer, commonly known as decorative veneer plywood. It is the main surface decoration material in home decoration. The plywood range is based on plywood with various natural and man-made veneers on the surface. With a natural texture, it is widely used for surface decoration in homes and public spaces.

Wood veneer generally has the following 5 kinds:

Gussets: The wood texture is hard, strong, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-collision. Warpage crack marks are not easy to appear, and the clear paint coating effect is very good. Solid wood floor handrails, stairs, all kinds of decorative thread use plate square material. It is used in combination with walls, columns, door and window covers, furniture, etc. to play the role of panels. Decorative wood qussets are more popular in home decor.

Maple: Patterns highlight water ripples or pinstripes. Milky white, light and well-proportioned. The hardness is relatively large, the expansion ratio is large, and the strength is small. Most wood veneers used for hardwood floors and furniture.

Teak: The material is hard, durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The wood is not easily deformed and has a small expansion rate..

Walnut: The color ranges from taupe to purple-brown, and the texture is rough and variable. The wood of the walnut veneer should be protected from scratching and whitening before painting. The number of coats needs to be 1-2 more times than some other wood veneers.

Ash: Ash is yellowish-white. The structure is fine, the grain is straight and thick. Small expansion ratio, good wear resistance and impact resistance.

Product characteristics

  1. Lifelike patterns, various designs and colors, and no fading.
  2. good strength, corrosion resistance and anti-aging.
  3. Fire retardant, heat insulation and thermal insulation.
  4. It is not easy to deform, easy to install and simple to clean.

Product purpose

Decorative wood gussets can be used as ceilings, decorative wall panels, partitions, door and window frames, etc. Widely used in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, teaching buildings, commercial buildings and other fields. They are an excellent alternative to aluminum ceiling materials.