Corrugated pipe machine double-wall PVC corrugated pipe machine line

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Double-wall corrugated pipe is made by corrugated pipe machine. The corrugated pipe wall section is double-layer structure, the inner wall is smooth and flat, the outer wall is equidistant arrangement with trapezoidal hollow structure of the pipe. Nominal diameter (DN): the nominal diameter of the pipe, which is divided into two types: inner diameter series and outer diameter series.

corrugated pipe machine

High speed PP PE PVC PA corrugated pipe machine features

Corrugated Pipe Machine line is composed of two high-efficiency single-screw extruders, imported ratio-adjusting valve,double-passage spiral composite extrusion molds, vertical forming machine, spray cooling tank, double-blade radial cutter and stacker. features stable extrusion.

Corrgated pipe machine application field:

1. Municipal works.

2.Construction engineering. it is used for building rain pipe, underground drain pipe, sewage pipe, ventilation pipe, etc

3.Electrical and Telecommunication engineering.

4.Railway and highway communications.

5.Agriculture and garden engineering.

6.Road works. PVC double wall corrugated pipe for railway, highway seepage, drainage pipe