Agricultural factory price farm plastic drip irrigation pipe

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Drip irrigation pipe is an important irrigator in drip irrigation system. According to the water demand of crops, water and nutrients needed by crops are dropped uniformly and slowly into the root soil of crops through the low-pressure pipe system and the irrigator installed on the hair pipe.

Drip irrigation pipe can be roughly divided into labyrinth, embedded, pressure compensation, small tube flow and other types. Each type has its own characteristics and scope of application.

According to the way out. It can be divided into: pressure compensation drip irrigation pipe and non-pressure compensation drip irrigation pipe.

drip irrigation pipe

Technical parameters:

1. using embedded labyrinth throttle and embedded labyrinth compensating emitter, the flow of water through a turbulent state, self-cleaning performance and anti clogging ability, the level of filtration eased to 80 meshes.
2. “constant flow path” compensator, the effluent uniformity is more than 95%.
3. the use of new materials, high strength Corrosion resistance, aging resistance.

4.1.5L/h ~ 10 L/h eight kinds of flow can be selected according to different needs.

5.0.3mm ~ 2mm a variety of pipe wall thickness to adapt to the needs of different irrigation environment.

Features of drip irrigation pipe 

1. The round dripper is produced first by high-precision mould,then stuck to PE hose. 
2. The dripper which is directly welded inside the pipe has slight pressure loss and accurate distribution.
3. Good anti-block property, smooth flow channel and even water distribution.
4. There are two kind of drippers: pressure-compensation and nonpressure-compensation, suitable for different terrain.    
5. Different diameter, wall thickness and dripper spacing can be produced.
6. The most significate feature is that it can be used over 5-8 years.