extruded pvc sheet Concepts, Specifications and Benefits

Date:2022-3-08 Author:XCEXTRUSION

extruded pvc sheet, also known as Chevron board, Fron board. It is a sheet extruded using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the main material.

extruded pvc sheet
extruded pvc sheet

The surface of this sheet is smooth and flat, and the cross-section is honeycomb-like texture. Light weight, high strength and good weather resistance. It can partially replace wood and steel.
Suitable for engraving, perforating, painting, bonding and other processes. It is not only widely used in the advertising industry, but also widely used in decoration, furniture and other fields

Common Specifications of pvc sheet

The width of the extruded pvc sheet is 12202440mm, 15603050mm, 20503050mm, of which 12202440mm is the most used.
The thickness of the PVC board varies from 1mm to 32mm.
The most commonly used color of PVC sheet is white, and there are also colored sheets. However, colored plates are rarely used in actual production. If the finished product has to be colored, it can be painted.

Good extruded pvc sheet?

at the same thickness. Good quality PVC sheet with high strength and hard surface. Not easy to bend, not easy to scratch, not easy to drop dust. Long-term use will not yellow (white PVC).
Poor quality PVC sheet has loose texture, low hardness and uneven surface. Some cut surfaces even have bubble-like textures.