What kind of wax is used for extruded pvc profile

Date:2022-3-08 Author:XCEXTRUSION

What kind of wax is used for extruded pvc profile?

In the application of PVC profiles, in addition to requiring the product quality of PVC products. The more complex appearance of the profiles increases the difficulty of production.
In rigid PVC products such as PVC profiles, adding Tianshi wax powder TS-5020 in an appropriate amount can help provide excellent metal peeling properties.

extruded pvc profile
extruded pvc profile

1. TS-5020 has a relatively high softening point. In the case of high temperature processing, can maintain effective system viscosity.

2. Improve the dynamic stability of PVC at high temperature Improve the dispersion of impact agents and fillers in PVC, thereby improving impact strength.

3. Reduce processing energy consumption in PVC extrusion molding.

4. Because it does not contain metal ions, it is less likely to produce fouling.

Wax for PVC profiles can increase the extrusion efficiency of PVC products. Improve the surface gloss of PVC products. And it can effectively improve the plasticization degree of PVC product processing system.
TS-5020 has low viscosity and high softening point. Good hardness, non-toxic, good thermal stability, low high temperature volatility and other properties. As a lubricant, it has stable chemical properties and good electrical properties.