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The auxiliary machines of double screw extruder mainly include wire setting device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meters, spark testing machine and wire receiving device. The usage of the extrusion unit is different, the auxiliary equipment is not the same, such as cutting device, blow dryer, printing device etc.

The structure of double screw extruder

The distinguishing feature of split type of parallel double screw extruder is that the barrel can be split and the liner of screw and barrel can be combined at random.


The advantages of double screw extruder.

1. wear-resistance.

Due to the convenience of opening, it can be found the wear degree of thread components and barrel liner at any time, so as to carry out effective maintenance or replacement. It will not be found when extrusion products have problems, causing unnecessary waste.

2. reduce production costs

In masterbatch manufacturing, color changes are often required, and if product changes are necessary, the open processing area can be opened in a minutes, and the mixing process can be analyzed by looking at the melt profile across the entire screw.

At present, when the twin screw extruder changes the color, it needs to use a large number of cleaning materials to clean the machine, which is time-consuming, electricity consumption and waste of raw materials.

The split twin screw extruder can solve this problem. When changing the color, it takes only a few minutes to hit the boot cylinder quickly for manual cleaning, so that the cleaning material can not be used , and the cost is saved.

3. improve labor efficiency

In the maintenance of the equipment, the heating and cooling system of the common twin screw extruder is often removed first, and then the whole screw is drawn out.

The split twin screw is not needed. As long as several bolts are loosened and the worm gear box handle device is turned to lift the upper half of the extension cylinder, the whole cylinder can be opened and then repaired. This not only shortens the maintenance time, but also reduces labor intensity.

4. high torque, high speed

At present, the development trend of twin-screw extruder in the world is to develop towards high torque, high speed and low energy consumption, and the effect of high speed is high productivity.

The split twin screw extruder belongs to this category, and its rotational speed can be up to 500 RPM. Therefore, it has unique advantages in processing high viscosity and heat sensitive materials.

At high speed, high torque on the core technology of asymmetric and symmetric high torque of gear box only German and Japanese manufacturers to master the core technology, the speed up to 1800 turn above, and to master the core technology, domestic only install a science and technology。

sichuan is also one of the main choice of the domestic high-end materials processing manufacturers, It is a national encouragement project for domestic independent innovation

5. widely application

It can be applied to the processing of a variety of materials

6. high yield, high quality

It has other advantages of common twin screw extruder, which can achieve high yield, high quality and high efficiency.