The charactor of pipe extruder machine

Date:2022-3-17 Author:

As we all know that pipe extruder machine is used to making all kinds of pipes. These pipes including: PVC pipe, PE pipe, HDPE(PP, ABS) pipe, PPR pipe.

1.Process flow of PIPE EXTRUDER MACHINE.

PVC powder  + additive → mixing → spring feeding → twin screw extruder → mould → vacuum calibration machine → haul off machine → cutting machine → stacker or automatic belling machine 

1.Conical twin screw extruder 

2.Die head. Due to the different diameter, it can be single, double and four die head

3.Vacuum tank: It can be designing of single, double vacuum chambers according to the diameter.

4.Haul-offs: It can be designing of double, three, four, six, eight caterpillars according to the diameter.

5.Cutter: It can be designing of saw cutter or planetary cutter according to the diameter.

6.stacker or automatic belling machine.


The charactor of pipe extruder machine is :

  1. 1.stable performance. Available for 24-hour continuous operation.
  2. 2. Perfect efficiency. Lowest investment and highest value.
  3. 3. High ability. Guaranteed high purity and quality.
  4. Here we talk about the PVC PIPE EXTRUDER MACHNE first. PVC PIPE EXTRUDER can make 50-150mm pvc pipe. The PVC series pipes are mainly used for agricultural water supply system, sewer system, waters discharge systems for civil.

Then we talk about the PE pipe extruder. The PE pipe extrusion line 20-110mm plastic PE HDPE PPR pipe making machinery.The raw material is Pe granules, after the processing flow, then it can be the pipes. The PE pipe extrusion line can be used for different diameter PE Pipe production which have excellent stiffness and flexibility, heat resistance, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, resistance of environmental stress cracks, resistance to creep deformation, heat-linkage and so on.

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