High quality drip irrigation pipe

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Drip pipe irrigation system that supplies water to farmland in a variety of ways, including drip irrigation, spraying, and streams.

Drip pipe irrigation delivers even, deep water directly to the roots of plants without waste or runoff. It uses up to 50% less water than conventional systems. Protects plants from the stress caused by the dry-wet cycle of overhead watering. And minimize erosion, soil compaction, leaf burn, mold and fungal diseases.

Drip pipe
Drip pipe


  1. It is suitable for fruit trees on greenhouses, plains, hillsides, gardens, nursery flowers, grasses, vegetables, etc.
  2. It is suitable for large-scale micro-spraying of watermelon film, vegetables, wheat, medicinal materials, and seedlings.
  3. Apply to the golf course, open air agriculture.

Features of Drip Irrigation Pipe

Built-in round dripper, new wide long channel, full turbulence, self-rinsing, good anti-clogging.

1. Drip irrigation pipes and drippers are easy to block and require high water quality. So it is necessary to install filters.

2. Drip irrigation cannot regulate the field microclimate. It is not suitable to irrigate in the severe cold period. Drip irrigation systems cannot be used for top dressing in vegetable irrigation.

3. the investment in drip irrigation is higher, so the economic benefits of crops should be considered.

4. When laying the drip irrigation tape, pay attention to pressing the mulch. Place the mulch as close to the drip tape as possible. There is no gap between the mulch and the drip irrigation tape.

5. The land should be leveled before sowing to reduce the phenomenon of many potholes. Protects against colds, rocks and weeds.

6. Hold up the mulching film, resulting in water vapor under the mulching film to form lens effect and burn drip irrigation belt. When laying, drip irrigation belt can be buried and avoided focal burn.

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