Application of PP hollow sheet

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PP hollow sheet is polypropylene raw material mixed with polyethylene raw material through the hollow plate production line ,then extrusion molding, plate cross-section is lattice shape, so it is also called lattice hollow sheet extrusion machine.

Plastic hollow sheet also known as PP hollow board, is currently more environmentally friendly recyclable plate, it has the advantages that paper boxes do not have, such as moisture-proof vibration prevention, cheap wear resistance and so on. This plate can be made according to the different requirements of customers to make the finished product with kinds of specifications and colors. One of the most common is the logistics box, but no matter the finished product is, its various standard can’t be neglected.PP plastic hollow board of the national standard has been issued in 1993, including his index, limit deviation and appearance are to comply with relevant regulations, The tearing force and the vertical compression force as well as the plane compression force must conform to the relevant numbers.

Moreover, appearance testing and sampling testing should be carried out before leaving the factory. Only all qualified products can enter the market for sale, and unqualified products should be re-made or destroyed. Only in strict accordance with such standards to carry out production design, in order to ensure the quality of the board, but also to ensure the ultimate interests of consumers, so when we buy this plate, we must first find out whether the way of cooperation with the national testing standards.

PP hollow sheet

PP hollow sheet applications are as follows:

1, industrial products packaging turnover: electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partition knife card, anti-static hollow board turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box.

  1. 2,luggage and handbag supporting board: luggage lining board, luggage cushion board, partition board.

3, bottle industry: glass bottle factory plate, bottle holder, canned products clapboard, can holder, plate.

4, machinery industry: machine cushion plate.

5, advertising industry :PP hollow board display box, display rack, advertising board, corona board.

6, home decoration: ceiling, grille, bathroom partition,

7, furniture industry: tea table pad, furniture decoration board.

8, agriculture: all kinds of fruit box, vegetable packing box, pesticide packing box, food packing box, beverage packing box; Greenhouse roof.

  1. 9,cultural and sports products: smart blackboard, filing bag.

10, automotive industry: steering wheel pad, rear partition, pad.

11, electrical industry: refrigerator washing machine backplane, partition board.

12, baby products: buggy pad, children’s intelligent hurdle.

PP hollow sheet is widely used,currently only developed about 50%, there are many areas to be developed.