Chinese good supplier of plastic sheet extrusion machine

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Chinese good supplier of plastic sheet extrusion machine

The plastic sheet extrusion machine is mainly used for the production of disposable plastic cups, plates, bowls, dishes, boxes and other thermoforming products, widely used in food, vegetables, fruits, drinks, dairy products, industrial parts and other fields of packaging.

With the domestic demand growing, plastic packaging thermoforming sheet is more and more widely used, the amount is also increasing year by year, it has a promising prospects.

With the national attention to environmental protection, the “environmental degradation sheet production line” adapted to production has been able to successfully supply various types of “degradation sheet” to the market.

“Nanosheets” made of “nanoplastics” have become another focus on attention and become a new selling point for manufacturers.

In order to improve food shelf life and shelf life, “sheet material with high barrier property” has become the target of competitive development of various manufacturers.

The gradual improvement of the domestic manufacturing level of plastic sheet has promoted the increase of domestic plastic sheet production enterprises and the diversification of sheet varieties, and also promote the unprecedented prosperity of thermoforming packaging industry.


The supplier of plastic sheet extrusion machine

“Beijing Shengan” has focused on the “development of aluminum – plastic composite panel “; Shantou dacheng ” is making a higher grade sheet production line.

There are some manufacturers from the sheet machine production to sheet processing, plastic cup manufacturing, plastic and other industries.

The first electromagnetic dynamic extruder in China has been successfully applied in sheet production line.”Shantou Weida” has launched a number of such sheet production lines to the market, the market response is good. pelletizing machines

There are also many good Chinese supplier of plastic sheet extrusion machine, such as Zhenghai plastic machine, Jinlong plastic extrusion machine, Haiyue plastic machine company, etc.