Three situations of pelletizing in china plastic pellet making machine

Date:2022-4-19 Author:XCEXTRUSION

China plastic pellet making machine process and methods are as follows:

1. Specialized pelletizing production

Specialized pelletizing is used for many special materials producing. The pellets are treated as products into the market.

The most used in this area is the cable material, which is supplied to the cable factory to wrap the cable, communication fiber optic cable. The former, such as calcium carbonate modified masterbatch. It is widely used in the production of plastic woven bags, packing tape, plastic absorbing sheets, shopping bags, hollow products, geotechnical materials, etc. It reduce production costs and improve the performance of products. The use of filled masterbatch reduces the requirements for the mixing capacity of the equipment of the product enterprises. So it has become the main production method for these products.

china plastic pellet making machine
china plastic pellet making machine

The latter, such as glass fiber masterbatch, carbon black masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, anti-static masterbatch, etc. They are used in industrial pipes, geotechnical products, injection molding products, etc.

This kind of additives product factory in extrusion production is difficult to add it to the products evenly. So the professional masterbatch factory production of enhanced modified masterbatch becomes one of the important raw materials for product enterprises.

2. Extrusion production of self-pelletizing

For example, in order to recycle and reuse their own offcuts. Product factories often need to granulate again to ensure that the stability of production is not affected when adding. The two-step process of pelletizing followed by extrusion is also often used in the production of wood and plastic products. Extrusion pelletizing is one of the most common process methods in the plastic products industry.

3. Waste plastic recycling pelletizing

According to the standard of circular economy in developed countries. Plastic packaging materials should have 55% recycling rate, and building materials should have 22% recycling rate. China should have more than 15 million tons of waste plastics need to be recycled and pelletized for reuse, which is a huge industry and market.

China plastic pellet making machine process and methods are as follows:

1. Process flow. Granulation process is the resin and various additives by measuring, mixing and plasticizing, made to facilitate the molding of dense spherical refining, made to facilitate the molding of dense spherical, cylindrical shape, cube-shaped particles of the operation process.

2. According to the function of the granule to divide, it can be divided into 3 ways.

They are matrix granules, special granules and masterbatch granules. According to the geometry of the granule, can be divided into: square material, irregular granules, cylindrical or nearly cylindrical granules three categories.