We have very good machines for sheet extrusion process

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Cost reduction recycling precious metal sheet extrusion process

The Eco-Collector is the world’s first machine that can finely peel off information processing chips, such as IC chips, from the substrates used in PCs and TVs. Information processing chips contain many rare and precious metals, so we developed this machine in-house, thinking that we could efficiently add high-value and recycle them.
Features – Since the method to peel off information processing chips is a physical one and does not require chemicals or heat treatment, it does not generate harmful substances and is friendly to workers and the environment. – Information processing chips can be peeled off from electronic substrates with information processing chips on both sides in the short time of about 15 seconds. (The peeling rate of information processing chips is 90% to 95%.) – As information processing chips after peeling do not easily lose their shapes, and the weights / shapes do not change, we think that they can be easily sorted by methods of sieving, wind power sorting, and image sorting.

UPVC PVC Window Door Panel Board Plastic Profile Sheet Extrusion Machine / Plant / sheet extrusion line

PVC ceiling wall panel sheet extrusion process
PVC profile production line consist of conical twin screw extruder, vacuum shaping table, hauling machine and cutter, stacker…

Product Description:
Fetching in Europe and America advanced technology and uniting with domestic condition, our company develop this production line. The production line adopts plastic processing techniques such as extrusion, molding, and injection molding to produce plates or profiles.
This production line is mainly used to produce PVC profile, such as PVC ceiling tiles, PVC wall panel, PVC corner profiles and board and etc.

PVC foam sheet extrusion machine/making machine/manufacturing process

This production line is capable of continuously producing single-layer or multi-layer foam board and sheet with the width less than 3000mm and thickness of 0.20-30mm.

Characteristics of the Seperate Equipment:

Extruder: Appropriate Single-Screw Extruder (exhaust or not) or Conical Double Screw Extruder should be chosen on the basis of different materials. Specially designed screw and advanced temperature controlling system ensure the good plasticization, high output and stable extruding.
Screen changer and mould:The quick screen changer of hydraulic system ensures the short course of screen changing without material-leakage. Reasonable structure of mould should be chosen in terms of material, whereas moulds of clothes-rack mode are widely accept

ed to regulate flow-distribution and guarantee even thickness of plates (sheets).
Vacuum sizing platform : It is consists of four groups(eight sets) calibrating bench,let the material become the foam board that want to get,through chaning it,we can change the thickness of the board.
Cooling bracket: Equipped with corresponding guide roller, the cooling effect is better. In addition, the edge-shearing device equipped can guarantee fixed width of plates (sheets) and quality of edge.
Hauling sheet extrusion process machine
Cutting machine: It is of length-fixed cutting with cutting precision less than 2mm and adopts alloy blade or rigid alloy saw bit to ensure the good cutting effect and constantly stable performance.