Professional supplier of pe pipe extruder

Date:2022-3-14 Author:XCEXTRUSION

Main technical features:

pe pipe extruder
pe pipe extruder
  1. Using advanced European technology, based on years of experience in plastic machinery research and development and production, the pe pipe extrusion line has advanced design, reasonable structure, high degree of automation and high reliability of the entire line operation.
  2. The special barrel feeding structure of the extruder can greatly increase the extrusion volume.
  3. Accurate temperature control, good plasticization, convenient and reliable.
  4. The whole line adopts PLC control system to realize synchronization and automation.
  5. Human-computer interaction interface, intuitive operation, convenient and reliable.
  6. Spiral and sieve basket molds are available for selection.
  7. Chipless cutting machine and saw blade cutting machine are available for selection.
  8. Changing part of the unit can provide co-extrusion of two-layer or multi-layer composite pipes.
  9. Change some units to produce PP, PB and other pipes.

PE pipe extruder Application:

The production line adopts high-performance extruder of HDPE (PP, ABS) pipe. The screw adopts the structure with barrier and mixing head. The barrel adopts a new type of slotted barrel, which is good for alliance and mixing. The extrusion volume is large and stable. Die head designed for HDPE (PP, ABS) large diameter thick wall pipe. The die has the characteristics of low melt temperature, good mixing performance, low cavity pressure and stable production.

Proprietary technology designed sizing and cooling system. Adopt water lubrication and water cooling. In order to adapt to the dimensional stability and circle degree of HDPE (PP, ABS) pipes. The extruder and tractor adopt imported speed governor and control, with good stability, high precision and high reliability.

The operation and time of the whole production line are controlled by PLC programmatically. Set up with a good man-machine interface. All process parameters can be set and realised via the touch screen. It can be equipped with a marking line extruder to produce pipes with black marking lines that meet the requirements of national standards.