High voltage wire high frequency litz enameled copper wire

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High voltage wire usually refer to transmission lines that transmit voltage above 10kV. According to GB/T 2900.50-2008, defined in 2.1, high voltage usually does not contain 1000V. The voltage levels of China’s domestic high-voltage transmission lines are generally divided into 35kV, 110kV, 220kV, 330kV, 500kV and 750kV.

The ac electric wire extruder

There are a lot of people wondering why high voltage wire are all three wires. In fact, in China, three-phase and three-wire system is often used for high-voltage AC power transmission in the power system, so the high-voltage line has three wires. Conversely, if the high-voltage DC power transmission adopts two-phase electricity, there will be two wires.

Product charactor is:

Good insulation performance, stable chemical properties
anti-acid and environmental protection etc.
Effectively resist electromagnetic interference by Al Mylar or braiding shield
Heat resistance, pass UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 vertical flame test
Straned or solid copper, tinned or bare copper conductor, 32-4/0AWG
PVC, SR-PVC, PE or PP insulation
Two or more single-core wire are twisted into pair or cabling again.
Spiral or braid shield with Tinned or bare copper, Al-Mylar wrapped shield
PVC jacket
Technology Parameter:
Rated temperature: 80ºC
Rated Voltage: 600V

high voltage wire

Application and  Features:

(1)The High voltage wire And Cable is used in Aviation industry and electronics industry under high temperature radiation as a connector of instrumentation and precision equipment.

(2)Small diameter,abrasion and scratch resistance,easy to peel,low and high temperature resistance,anti-aging,corrosion resistance,anti-interference etc.

Using Condition

1.Working temperature:-65℃~+250℃

2.Rated voltage:AC110V,AC250V,AC600 or lower

3.Insulation resistance is not less than 1x103MΩ

4.Relative humidity:95%±3

5.Test Voltage:(Under AC 50Hz )2000V/5min