crushing machine for plastic

Date:2022-3-15 Author:XCEXTRUSION

Professional flat knife holder. It is suitable for the crushing and recycling of thin tubes, thin-walled plastic parts and fibers such as films, plastic bags, bottles and cotton.

crushing machine for plastic
crushing machine for plastic

Reasonable design and simple structure. Detachable movable knife, detachable and adjustable, easy and quick to change the knife.

Bearings are sealed, the tool seat is heat-shrinked. The aperture of the screen can be customized, and the drawer type stainless steel hopper.

The whole machine is matched with safe stroke protection and automatic protection of current overload.

The corresponding models of conventional flat-knife pulverizers are: 250 type (5.5hp), 300 type (7.5hp), 400 type (10hp), 500 type (15hp), 800 type (30hp).

crushing machine for plastic Technical Data

crushing diameter (mm)250*200310*200400*240504*320610*320815*470
crushing ability (kg/h)10~1515~3050~80100~150200~250300~400
stationary knife112223
rotary knife336669
power Kw3.75.57.5111522/30/37
power HP57.510152030/40/50
net weight(kg)2803004005006001600
crushing machine for plastic Technical Data