upvc cpvc pipe extrusion line

Date:2022-3-15 Author:XCEXTRUSION

cpvc pipe extrusion line

upvc pipe extrusion line

Features and Benefits:

According to the demand of pipe products with different diameters and different wall thicknesses. There are various specifications and models of PVC-specific twin-screw extruders to choose from.

cpvc pipe extrusion line
cpvc pipe extrusion line

Specially designed screw structure, uniform plasticization and high output.

PVC extrusion die is made of high quality alloy steel. The internal flow channel is chrome-plated and highly polished, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. With the special sizing sleeve, the production speed of the product is fast and the surface quality of the pipe is good.

The special cutting machine for PVC pipe adopts a rotary clamping device. Adapt to different pipe diameters, eliminating the trouble of frequent and changing fixtures.

Equipped with a new adjustable floating chamfering mechanism. The chamfer size can be adjusted according to the pipe diameter and wall thickness, cutting, chamfering, and step forming. Matching optional online flaring machine.