ISO /SCH40 & SCH80 China Big Plastic Pvc Pipe Manufacturer 200mm for water

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Plastic pipe is generally synthetic resin, that is, polyester as raw material, adding stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer, etc., with the “plastic” method in the tube machine by extrusion processing. Mainly used for building water supply system piping, drainage, exhaust and sewage sanitation pipe, underground drainage pipe system, rain pipe and wire installation matching threading pipe, etc.

Plastic pipe, divided into thermoplastic pipe and thermosetting plastic pipe two categories. Belong to thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride pipe, polyethylene pipe, polypropylene pipe, polyformaldehyde pipe and so on; Belong to thermosetting have phenol plastic pipe, etc. Plasic pipe is devided into small plastic pipe, midium plastic pipe, big plastic pipe. Different size plastic pipe has different usage. Here we talk about the big plastic pipe.

1. big plastic PVC extrusion pipe, plastic extruded ventilation pipe.

2. Material: rigid UPVC.

Eco-friendly sheet extrusion machine

3. Features: heat resistant, weather resistant, UV resistant, ROHS compliant.

4. Size: 240X203mm section, custom made lengths.

5. Design: OEM design, custom made sizes.

Plastic pipe

Applications of the plastic pipe

PVC big plastic pipe is widely used in industrial and civil building, including indoor and out door drainage,sewage pipe project, agricultural irrigation system, chemical drainage, sewage, it also suitable for ventilation pipe and drainage pipeline, etc.

UPVC big plastic pipe: 1. Tap water piping works 2. Water saving irrigation piping project 3. Construction. 4. UPVC Plastic pipe has excellent insulation ability and is also widely used as post communication cable conduit. 5. UPVC Plastic pipes are acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant, and many chemical plants are used as infusion pipes. 6. Shaft sinking 7. Pharmaceutical piping engineering 8. Mineral brine transportation and piping engineering 9. Electrical piping engineering.WPC wall panel

UPVC big plastic pipe is a kind of plastic pipe made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin without plasticizer. With the development of chemical industry technology, now can produce non-toxic grade pipe, so it has the performance of general polyvinyl chloride, and increased some excellent performance, specifically, it has the advantages of corrosion resistance and good softness, so it is especially suitable for water supply pipe network. Because it does not conduct electricity, it is not easy to produce electrochemical reaction with acid, alkali and salt. Acid, alkali and salt are difficult to corrode it, so it does not need external anti-corrosion coating and lining. And the softness is good, which overcomes the shortcomings of brittle plastic pipe in the past, and can yield without rupture under the action of load.