Tube extruder machine special mold temperature machine

Date:2022-2-23 Author:XCEXTRUSION

The operator of the special mold temperature machine for the tube extruder machine. It must be familiar with the structural characteristics of the plastic extrusion machine that he needs to operate.

tube extruder machine
tube extruder machine

It is necessary to correctly grasp the structural characteristics of the screw, the characteristics of the To correctly grasp the structural characteristics of the screw. Control instrumentation characteristics for heating and cooling. Head characteristics and assembly conditions, etc. In order to be able to correctly grasp the extrusion process conditions, the correct operation of the machine.

It’s effect directly affects the quality of the extruded product. Therefore, temperature control equipment such as sheet extrusion die temperature machine, rubber extrusion die temperature machine, and plastic extrusion temperature control machine are widely used in the extrusion industry.

Heating and cooling dual PID control can be used according to different extruders. Adopt unified temperature control or segmented temperature control. The extrusion temperature control machine solves the residual stress and shrinkage rate of the product surface and ensures the stability of product quality.

The special mold temperature machine for tube extruder machine is widely used in modern factories. Its emergence is an inevitable trend of the development of the times. It can save manpower, improve the quality of production, reduce the production cost of enterprises, and prevent the generation of excessive waste. To a certain extent, it improves the social competitiveness of enterprises and brings greater economic benefits to enterprises.