Single screw extruder machine development status and future trend analysis

Date:2022-2-22 Author:XCEXTRUSION

With the continuous expansion of the extruder application field and the continuous advancement of technology. The future market will develop in the direction of high-tech content and lower prices.

The domestic main machines are basically mainly conical twin-screw extruders and single screw extruder machine. The technology is relatively mature and the market sales volume is the largest, but the general specifications of such products have exceeded demand.

The single screw extruder machine is developing in the direction of super-large, ultra-micro, large aspect ratio, high output, and good exhaust performance. The screw and barrel structure suitable for special processing needs has become the research and development of everyone. focus.

In fact, the single screw extruder machine is a low-energy and low-cost model. As long as the technology is appropriate and the structural design is reasonable, the efficiency of the twin screw extruder machine can also be achieved.

According to reports, the plastic extruders currently used in the United States are mainly single-screw. High-tech single-screw extruders are gradually replacing twin-screw extruders in some fields.

1. Special single screw extruder machine

With the needs of market development in recent years. Different single screw extruder manufacturers have launched a variety of single screw extruder machine with special structures to meet special market needs. The following is a special introduction to the research and development progress of several special extruders in China.

2. The portable extruder was successfully developed

Beijing University of Chemical Technology successfully developed an ultra-high-speed miniature portable single screw extruder machine.

The screw diameter of the machine is only 12mm, and the total weight of the machine is less than 2.5kg; the working speed of the screw is 800~1200rpm, which can realize continuous or intermittent work.

In addition, because the processed material has the characteristics of high wall slippage and easy bridging, it is equipped with a specially designed forced feeding device; since the extruder is hand-held, a special multi-channel exhaust device is designed to fully ensure gas discharge.

In addition, the machine also has the characteristics of deep groove and large pitch, two optional driving modes (electric and pneumatic), and the whole machine is easy to clean, maintain and repair.

The machine was originally designed for processing a special low-density and low-viscosity material, and can be used for extrusion processing of various low-viscosity materials, such as hot melt adhesives, low molecular weight resins, various paraffins, fuels, pigments, cosmetics, etc. .

The two single screw extruder machines described above can be said to be representative products in the current Chinese market.