Pvc mixer safety operation rules

Date:2022-2-24 Author:XCEXTRUSION

Safe operation rules for pvc mixer. Including preparations before starting, starting steps, precautions during machine operation, stopping steps and maintenance methods, etc.

1. Preparation before starting

1) Whether the power supply is normal.
2) Whether the compressed air system is normal.
3) Whether the cooling water system is normal.

2. Pvc mixer boot steps

1) Set up automatic cycle operation.
2) Put the plasticizer (0833) into the storage tank according to the specified weight. The plasticizer is set to be added manually.
3) Start the dust collector and feeder.
4) Put a bag of 1801, a bag of 1454, and then another bag of 1801 in the feeding hopper, and wait until all the powders are delivered to the hopper of the mixing tank; turn off the dust collector and the feeder.

3. Precautions during machine operation

1) Always check whether the cooling cylinder is covered with cylinders.
2) Whether the cooling water is normal.
3) Check if the machine has any abnormal sound. If there is any abnormal situation, please notify the maintenance personnel in time.

4. Pvc mixer shutdown steps

1) Close the cylinder to cool down.
2) Turn off the water for cooling.
3) Turn off the power.

5. Maintenance method

1) Every 600 hours of operation, add butter to the bearing of the rotating shaft.
2) Every 200 hours of operation, check the lubricating oil of the lubricator and add it when necessary.
3) Every 500 hours of operation, open the water filter to drain the condensed water.
4) Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the electrical circuits every year, and dust and clean the electrical cabinets.
5) Check whether the sealing rings and valves of each cylinder are normal every six months.
6) When the equipment is not used temporarily, the cooling water in the interlayer of the cooling cylinder shall be discharged.