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A Comparison Between Material Tester and Force Tester

Plastic Pelletizing Machine A force tester is designed to make simple force measurements within applications where the main areas of interest are extension and peak load. The force tester will generally use a force gauge as a means of measuring the load.

Material testers, on the other hand, make use of precision load cells along with either an internal or external extensometer to undertake elongation measurements. Material testers are required when using thermal chambers or testing under constant loads.

AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments provides a comprehensive selection of Chatillon force testers alongside a full range of materials testing instruments. These force testers can be provided in digital, motorized, mechanical and pneumatic versions; with pneumatic testers being especially useful when an area requires absolute safety.

lastic Pelletizing Machine
lastic Pelletizing Machine

PE PP recycling granulator pelletizer extruder machine plastic granules pelletizing making machine plastic pelletizing machine


PE, PP film, Silk, Flakes (≤0.5mm), Bags, etc.

Note, our ZL series compactor granulator can be pull strip cutting method, or water ring cutting method for option

Consist of:

Belt conveyor(metal detector) → Compactor → Main extruder(vacuum degassing system) → Hydraulic screen changer → Sub- extruder → Hydraulic screen changer → Water ring cutting system →Dewatering machine → Air blow system → Storage hopper → control cabinet

High Output Plastic Recycling Granule Making Machine

KCP Series Compacting Water Ring Plastic Pelleting Machine
KCP series compacting pelletizing system, it is a three in one recycling machine designed for low density plastic articles. It could provide the excellent re-pelletizing and recycling solution for film,raffia, filament, woven bag and nonwoven fabric and other consumed / post soft or rigid plastic.Our pellet making machine has a wide application in PE, PP, CPP, BOPP, PS, PPS, EPS, ABS, PA,PLA, PET waste plastic materials recycling field.