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1.Introduction of nonwoven fabric
PP spunbond nonwoven fabric and PP meltblown nonwoven fabric are well-known nonwoven fabric in the world.Both of nonwoven fabric are made by PP(Polypropylene)
PP spunbond or meltblown nownoven fabric use different manufacturing process when the production line works.
PP spunbond combines fiber spinning with web formation by placing the bonding device in line with spinning.Fibers are former as the molten polymer exits the spinnerets and is quenched by cooling air and deposition on a moving conveyor belt.It is possible to single layer to multi layers nonwove fabric such as S/SS/SSS/SMS/SSMS/SMMS/SSMMS etc…It means one layer fiber splay on another layer again and then thermal bond together.
Most of nonwoven fabrics are layered or shingled structure,the number of layers increased with increasing basis weight;High strength-to-weight ratios compared with other woven,and knitted structures.PP Spunbond nonwoven fabric are characterized by tensile,tear,and burst strengths,elongation-to-break,weight,thickness,porosity and stability to heat and chemicals.These properties reflect fabric composition and structure. This polypropylene (PP) spunbonded non woven fabric machine has advantages of superior performance, beautiful color, and good quality. It can form a fibre web symmetrically and is complete in types. It can also add recycled material and stuffing to reduce the cost of products.

Non woven fabric machine Features:

(1) high strength, strong vertical and horizontal to the small differences;
(2) acid, non-toxic, non-radiation, harmless to human physiology;
(3) has an excellent air permeability;
(4) masterbatch staining never fade.

non woven fabric machine

Advantage of non woven fabric machines

The advantages of non woven fabric machine is as following:

1.High accurate raw material blender for polyproplyene and additives;
2.High capacity extrusion machine with good screw and barrel;
3.High performance melt filtration system;
4.High Speed with high accurate melt pump;
5.Lastest melt flow design and spinning system;
6.Well-know PLC control system and motors;
7.Smart operation program and monitoring syustem;

Process flow:
Feeding→Extrusion Melting→filtering→metering→spinning→Cooling→Stretching→Web spreading→Thermal bonding→slitting→collecting