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 Plastic  PVC Conical Twin Screw Extruder for Pipe Profile sheet Extrusion 

Application Area:
The Plastic Pipe Extruder Twin Screw Extruder are mainly used for the processing of the soft/hard PVC pipe, PVC foaming board, PVC sheet, PVC
Profile, PVC Trunk, PVC Roof tile, PVC Pelletizing and other polyolefin products, especially the direct processing of the
plastic/powder materials.
Twin Screw Extruder is applicant for PVC powder material, with different mould and downstream equipment; the plastic
extruder can produce pipe, profile, plate&sheet, and pelletizing. The extruder features in good plastic extrusion, good
plasticization, even melting, high output capacity, wide application and reliable stability, specially designed gearbox and
distributor and reinforced thrust bearing realize large transmission torque and long operation time. Electrical control system:
Siemens PLC/PCC auto control system or RKC temperature control, and ABB Invert/transducer, Siemens contactor, andseveral alarm system

Plastic Pipe Extruder
The Plastic Pipe Extruder Twin Screw Extruder are mainly used for the processing of the soft/hard PVC pipe, PVC foaming board, PVC sheet

Energy/Stable Production Machine/plastic machine

This PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Plastic Pipe Extruder adopts SJSZ series twin-screw extruder extrusion line.
The conical twin screw is specially used for the extruder, matching with different standard of pipe die and auxiliary device;

  1. It is used to extrude PVC pipe, foaming and spiral pipe, etc.
  2. It adopts vacuum calibrating, water spraying cooling, pedrail hauling, automatic cutting and material discharging.
  3. Features of the production line: automatic temperature controlling, stable performance, and easy operation.

High Speed Plastic Pipe Extruder CPVC UPVC Drainage Water Supply Hose Tube Pipe Extruder

GF series plastic pipe material production line is mainly used in the area of agricultural water supply system, architectural water supply system, pavement of
cables, etc. as well as PVC pipe material of all sorts of pipe caliber and wall thickness.
This machine group consists mainly of twin conical screws extruder, vacuum calibrating tank, haul-off unit, cutting unit, titer, etc. single screw extruder and
haul-off unit have applied imported A/C inverter, both vacuum pump and driving motor have applied excellent products.
The drawing machine includes two-claw type, three-claw type, four-claw type, six-claw type, eight-claw type, etc.
Saw cutting or planet cutting can be applied, it is additionally applied with length measuring meter and thickness increasing device, the property of machine
group is reliable, the production eficiency is high.
With special device, it can produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe, and core layer bulpo pipe, etc, it can also produce PP, PE, ABS, & PPR, PEX,
silicon core pipe and pipe material of other material.
The planet-shaped cutting machine is fully automatic computer digital control, it has such advantages of simple operation, reliable property, etc. It has
reached world advanced level.