PVC foam board WPC wood plastic composite sheet making board machine

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Can you give us an introduction into your product ‘ROHACELL®” – what is it, and what sets it apart?

ROHACELL board machine is a family of PMI-based, rigid, structural foams from Evonik Performance Foams introduced in the 1970s. Evonik is a market leader in providing high-performance foam materials that have been used in lightweight sandwich construction designs for the last 50 years. ROHACELL® abs sheet extrusion is one of the most innovative and reliable foam core products qualified for use in the aerospace market today. It is known for its unique combination of benefits that include a closed-cell structure, high specific strengths, isotropic nature, as well as compatibility with all composite processes and all common thermoplastic and thermoset matrix systems.

PVC foam board WPC wood plastic composite sheet making machinery

PP PE Plastic Processed Granule Application Extruder Machine
1.First we will wipe the machine with anti-rust oil;

  1. Secondly, we use the wrapping film or bubble film pack the machine appearance;
  2. At last, we put the machine in the container or wooden box(We will use the wire or nail to fix the machine in it for safe transport).
board machine
board machine

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