ZNO film’s MOCVD growth technique Plastic Recycling Pelletizer Machine

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

ZNO is a semiconductor material with a wide -band gap with optical and voltage characteristics. It can be used for ultrasonic converters, deflection, spectrum analyzer high -speed light switch and micro -machine; high -frequency filter; ultraviolet detectors, blue light and purple light optical pipes or laser, etc. The field of photoelectric and voltage components. This project uses ZN and O2 as the reaction source. It uses a new MOCVD (metal organic compound steaming) system with a specially designed, with radio frequency plasma sources, and grows ZNO film on substrates such as Al2O3, Si, diamond/SI. \u0026 nbsp;

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Zno is a wide direct band -gap semiconductor material with voltage and photoelectric characteristics. High -speed light switches and micro -machine; high -frequency filter; UV detectors, blue light and purple light light pipes or laser. These devices have important applications in civilian and military fields such as large -capacity, high -speed optical fiber communication, optical fiber phase modulation, anti -radar dynamic listening, electronic listening, satellite mobile communication, and parallel optical information processing. Therefore, the development and application of ZNO materials and devices will definitely play an important role in the development of the national economy. \u0026 nbsp;

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Brief technology \u0026 nbsp;

Since the first report of ZNO film, the room temperature pump UV was reported for the first time. Research has made great progress. The scope of research has covered the growth and characteristics of ZNO single crystal, thin film, quantum dot, quantum lines and other materials, as well as ZNO sensors, surface sound wave devices, detectors, luminous pipes and laser, etc. The research and production of devices. However, in October 2002, at the ZNO International Academic Conference held in the United States, scholars from various countries concluded that there was no credible and stable P -type ZNO film material for preparation. Therefore, overcoming the P-type ZNO is an important issue currently placed in scientists around the world, and it is the difficulty of developing an electric injecting P-N-knot Zno device. \u0026 nbsp;

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The growth method of ZNO thin film materials include evaporation, magnetic control sputtering, ionic beam sputtering, pulse laser deposition (PLD), metal organic compound steam stitching (MOCVD), molecular bundle extension (MBE), etc. Among them, the MBE and MOCVD method has a high quality of ZNO film. In terms of growth quality, the MBE method may be slightly higher than MOCVD. However, according to the experience of the development and production of GAN materials and Blu -ray luminous pipes, the performance of optoelectricity components made of MBE growth materials is not as good as MOCVD growth materials. \u0026 nbsp;

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The current domestic situation has a certain gap compared with foreign countries. In recent years, domestic ZNO materials and device researchThe number of units began to increase. Such as: Zhejiang University and Shandong University and other units using sputtering method, the University of Science and Technology of China and Nanjing University with MOCVD method, and the Institute of Physics of the Changchun Machine Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct research on ZNO with MBE and PECVD. The unique design of the MOCVD system with a plasma sources has not been reported at home and abroad at home and abroad. \u0026 nbsp;

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Technical principles \u0026 nbsp;

\u0026 nbsp; Generally, the ZNO film growing in the growth is low due to the existence of ZN. Obtain a high -resistance ZNO film through the method of nitrogen doping. The principle is: ① in the ZNO film, N can generate the Zn -N key with Zn, thereby reducing the concentration of the gap. Energy level, thereby increasing the concentration of the holes. Performance indicators: resistance: reaching 8.62 × 106Ω · cm. \u0026 nbsp;

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Technical innovation \u0026 nbsp;

\u0026 nbsp; 1. Design and assemble the additional plasma sources and MOCVD systems with high -speed rotation base, this should The system has the following four characteristics: \u0026 nbsp;

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(2) \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; Non Woven Spundbond Machine \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; uniform heating tablets.

(3) \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; high -speed rotation base.

(4) \u0026 nbsp; \u0026 nbsp; added a radio frequency plasma enhancement system.

2. On the substrates such as Al2O3.SI, diamond/si, grow high -quality ZNO film. \u0026 nbsp;

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Application prospects \u0026 nbsp;

Zno is a new semiconductor material with a wide and direct band gap with optoelectronic and piezoelectric characteristics. Pymaggtics, voltage electrical computers, these devices are widely used in the fields of communication, information storage, such as: \u0026 nbsp;

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① high frequency filter: high frequency produced by Zno The filter can meet the high operating frequency, which can fully meet the needs of the rapid development of the communication business. ② UV detectionDevice: It can detect the intensity and spectrum distribution of ultraviolet light in various cases, which can be used in information transmission, environmental monitoring, aerospace, life sciences and military fields.③ Ultraviolet laser: It can be used for CD -ROM technology, improves storage, and meets the needs of a large amount of information and data.In addition, it can also be used in the large -scale integrated circuit lithography technology, further narrowing the size of the device, reducing power consumption, and increasing speed.Its application scope is very wide.

In recent years, the blue -green light optical light pipe, laser and related devices of GAN -based materials have become hotspots for research and development with their huge markets. Its blue -green light luminous pipe has been commercialized, and Blu -ray laser is about to move towards the market.Compared with GAN, ZNO has higher melting points, excitement restraint energy and excitement gain, and the extension growth temperature, low cost, easy to etch, and make the process processing convenient.Development potential, therefore, ZNO luminous pipes, laser and ultraviolet light probe may replace or partially replaced GAN optical components.Therefore, the prospects are very broad.