Zhenxiong actively strengthened the status of Plastic Granulating Machine in the European market

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

H.L.A. Corbey, general manager of Zhenxiong Europe. Photo: 123 This year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Zhenxiong Group. At the Fakuma 2018 exhibition, Zhenxiong European Corporation exhibited two advanced injection molding machines to strengthen the company’s position in the European market. Established in May 2013, Zhenxiong European Corporation, located in the Netherlands, is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Zhenxiong Group, one of China’s largest injection molding machine manufacturers. H.L.A. Corbey, general manager of Zhenxiong European company, said that Zhenxiong Group has carried out business in Europe and has performed well in Hungary, Poland and other places. The company has also established business relations in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. The business is growing, and now it has also invested a lot of resources to develop its business in Germany. H.L.A. Corbey added: \”For us, the German market is also growing, and we will pay more attention to this market. We are looking for new agents and more professional sales staff to dig more market potential.\” He Continue to say: \”In the past, Europeans generally did not accept machines of Asian brands; but now Asian machines are developing in the European market and sales are growing.\” He explained that the promotion of growth originated from European producers is seeking economic efficiency. High and high -quality European machine substitutes have been increasing because the overall production cost has been increasing. When talking about the competitive advantage of Zhenxiong Group in the European market, H.L.A. Corbey said that the company has a solid foundation in the industry for 60 years. At the same time, the company has professional technology to flexibly meet the needs of customers. In addition, the delivery time of the machine is shorter than that of European suppliers. The new Speed \u200b\u200bseries and the Jetmaster MK6 series became focus. At the exhibition, Zhenxiong Group showed the audience a Speed-PACK 260 and a JM88-MK6 of a Speed-PACK 260 and Jetmaster MK6 series. Both machine series are the company’s new series. It is worth mentioning that the selection of the Speed-PACK series was exhibited at the FAKUMA exhibition because the company’s goal was to develop the rapidly growing packaging market in Europe. With this new series, the company has strong advantages in the fast packaging field. Speed-PACK 260 is developed for fast thin-walled packaging. Its maximum locking force is 260T, and the maximum screw speed is 300rpm. The Speed-Pack series and Jetmaster MK6 series machines are equipped with speed-controllable servo motors. The system pressure is measured in real time by the pressure sensor. In this way, it can provide the required traffic according to the need to eliminate unseave consumption. This will reduce energy consumption, improve accuracy, and reduce noise and inertia. Regarding the technological development trend of injection molding machines, H.L.A. Corbey emphasized that high -speed and low energy consumption are the most important requirements for customers. In addition, more traffic key solutions are needed in some industries. He also emphasized,Zhenxiong Group’s machine is equipped with an industrial 4.0 function that meets the latest Euromap 77 standard, which can collect information and provide remote services.H.L.A. Corbey concluded: \”We will introduce advanced prevention functions in the next step, such as maintaining alarm.\”