Yizhi’s exhibition ALUCAST 2018 Robot Automation System debuts at China Non-Woven Fabric Field, India

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam


123] \u0026 nbsp; At this exhibition, Iraqi exhibited DM400SM die -casting machines and robot automation systems. This is also the first time that Izhi’s robot automation system has appeared in the Indian market. Yi Zhi Mi is also the only supplier to show the whole set of die -casting islands at the scene. Yizhi’s DM series cold room die -casting machine is suitable for different industries such as automotive accessories, 3C products.
The largest aluminum casting industry exhibition in India Alucast \u0026 nbsp; 2018 \u0026 nbsp; kicked off at the Indian Exhibition Center in New Delhi on December 6.
Yizhiti Shi Exposure Station Photo: \u0026 nbsp;
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The DM series has stable and professional performance, and its high quality can meet the needs of different customers. The automation system of Yizhi’s robotic robot is suitable for die -casting and non -pressure casting fields. It can be used for different complex processes, such as picking, inlaid, spraying, polishing, and removing the burrs.

The combination of the densely casting machine with the Robot automation system can provide global customers with more efficient production, more stable product quality and safe and reliable performance.
India is one of the world’s largest die casting markets. In the second quarter of India, GDP growth reached 8%in the world, of which the die casting industry accounted for about 7%of India’s GDP, and there was room for rising every year. About 70%of the local production of India has digested by the three major industries of motorcycles, automobiles, and power. As India’s internal demand continues to increase, the market in the die casting industry continues to grow.

Since entering the Indian die casting market in 2010, Iraqi has been committed to providing high -quality products and good services to local customers. In 2013, Yizi Mizi established Indian uniforms in PoenaMiddle.\u0026 nbsp; The central and Iraqi Indian agents provide high -quality services. More and more local customers continue to cooperate with the secrets of Iraqi to buy Iraqi products.