Yizhi’s appearance KK 2019 overseas business Pelletizing Machines increased strongly by 20%

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Zhang Tao, deputy general managing director and managing department of Yizhi’s secret, general manager of the injection molding machine division. Yizhi’s PACPRO thin -walled packaging product molding solution was also displayed at the scene, high -speed within 2.2 seconds One out of the formation of four stickers.
Close Yizhi’s Director Director Zhang Tao, deputy general manager and general manager of the injection molding machine.
According to Zhang Tao, the deputy general managing director of Yizhi Mi and general manager of the injection molding machine, the reactPro polyurethane internal spraying process in the show is The display on the top of ChinaPlas \u0026 nbsp; 2019 \u0026 nbsp; is an upgrade of the spraying process in the polyurethane. Zhang Tao believes that the disposable plastic products made of PLA materials are easily degraded after the product life cycle is over. \”At present, some supermarkets in Europe and some domestic supermarkets are selling disposable PLA knives fork tableware. The main problem with PLA materials is that the cost is high. If the cost of PLA can be reduced, the future application market prospects are very broad.\”
Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Yi Zhi\”) shows a variety of innovative application forming schemes on K \u0026 Nbsp; 2019 \u0026 nbsp; unlock automation and industrial interconnection.
[ 123] He pointed out that because the main ingredients of PLA materials are similar to starch, the liquidity is poor, and the molding temperature interval is relatively narrow. \”We need to modify the formulas of PLA to improve liquidity; The hot runway of the mold needs to be specially designed, otherwise it is easy to be in the process of processingEasy to burn and deteriorate. \”
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张涛表示,尽管今年整体塑机市场呈下滑状态,但Yizhi is still able to maintain steadily. According to the third quarter 2019 performance trailer, 2019, 2019 \u0026 nbsp; 1 \u0026 nbsp; month \u0026 nbsp; day-9 \u0026 nbsp; 30 \u0026 nbsp; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is about 175.3 million yuan -180.7 billion yuan, an increase of 10.00%\u0026 nbsp; -13.35%. In recent years, the continuous investment in R \u0026 D in Iraqi, the annual R \u0026 D expenses account for about 4%of sales income. Recently, we held a foundation ceremony at Shunde’s Global Innovation Center. The center’s investment of RMB 100 million will become the global innovation incubation base of Yizhi. \”Zhang Tao said.
It is reported that the Global Innovation Base of Yizhi mainly includes three major constructions of research and development comprehensive buildings, multi -functional lecture halls, and new materials new process technology test centers. Among them, the construction area of \u200b\u200bthe test center is nearly 6,000 square meters , Application technology for new materials and new processes, new equipment, and research and development and testing of related new products, as well as services to provide customers with joint development and testing, test models, small batches test production, technical training and other services. 123] The continuous enhancement of Yizhi’s overseas marketing system is also an important reason for the growth of Iraqi. \”This year’s overseas market sales have increased by 20%, of which the production capacity of the Indian factory has doubled from last year. The field of automobiles, home appliances and consumer goods. Among them, the automotive application occupies more than half. On the one hand, the overall base of the Indian automotive industry is low and there is still room for growth. On the other hand, some car companies now go to India to invest in production, and they also need to purchase injection molding machines. Zhang Tao added.
He further pointed out that because the current global economy is indeed sluggish, many car manufacturers are reducing costs, which means that they used to use high -end equipment from Europe or Japan, and they are gradually turning to China to use China High -quality, cost -effective equipment. \”This is a major development opportunity for equipment companies like Yizhi. Yesterday, the first -level supplier of a certain European car parts came to the secret exhibition Taiwan of Iraqi to negotiateWe are full of confidence in the future market.\”Zhang Tao emphasized.