Yingchuang launched a resomer \u0026 spunbond nonwoven#174; silk material

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

RESOMER biological absorption polymer can improve the performance of medical devices. As a global leading company in medical implant biomedical materials, Winning announced the launch of a new resomer \u0026#174; to achieve personalized and high -resolution biological 3D printing. High -quality silk line shafts based on medical -grade RESOMER \u0026#174; can be used for melting manufacturing (FFF). This 3D printing technology is also called melting deposition (FDM). Resomer \u0026#174; strict size and chemical design of silk materials can provide reproducible implant characteristics and performance for high -resolution 3D printing applications. At present, the selected standard plates include L-Rotal Polystine (PLLA), L-Propyol-ethyl esters, PLGA, polystolin (PCL), and polytaries (PDO), and polypex, and polypex (PCL). Additional customization can be made according to actual needs. The mechanical properties of the product, such as the strength and fracture stretching rate LSNH Cable ExtRusion Line , can be adjusted according to the target application, and the biological re -absorption cycle can also vary from less than six months to three years. Dr. Andreas Karau, the global leader of Yingchuang Biomass Materials, said: \”Our new innovative product Resomer \u0026#174; Silk material series provides high flexibility and accuracy, which can optimize 3D printing medical applications such as skull reconstruction, plastic surgery, dentistry and other markets. \”Customers can also use our medical equipment center in the United States and the application technology expertise provided by the Development Labs in Germany and China to optimize product performance and simplify the commercialization process.\” Dr. Karau added.