Yingchuang 2019 sales 3.23 billion Euros China Plastic Sheet ExtRusion LINE

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

Winchuang’s sales in July to September fell by 3 % to 32.3 to 32.3 Ebitda decreased by 6 % year -on -year after adjustment, 543 million euros.
Winchuang July July July By September, sales fell by 3 % to 3.23 billion euros. After adjustment, EBITDA decreased by 6 % year -on -year to 543 million euros. After the adjustment, EBITDA is at least flat with last year;
Confirm the annual free cash flow expectations: about 700 million euros;
Sales in the third quarter of the third quarter The amount and business income are slightly lower than the same period last year;
Implement more stringent cost control measures to ensure profitability. Although the global economy continues to weaken, Yingchuang still confirms its annual profit expectations. It is expected that in 2019, the company’s post -adjustment of tax depreciation and pre -amortized profits (EBITDA) will be at least flat with last year.
    Earlier, Yingchuang had expected that its sales would also be the same as last year. However, due to the shrinking demand, it is currently expected to be slightly lower than last year. In fiscal 2018, Yingchuang’s sales (excluding the peeled methyl acrocylite business)
  • were 13.3 billion euros, and the adjustment of EBITDA was 2.15 billion euros.
  • \”Earlier, we adopted more stringent cost control and additional emergency measures to cope with the impact of global economic operations,\” Yingchuang Chairman Ku Lemanman express. \u0026 nbsp; \”We are actively taking action to ensure that the annual expectations can be achieved.\”
  • The cost reduction and efficiency plan launched by the company in 2018 has been further implemented. The target of the plan is to help Winchuang a sustainable management and sales cost of 200 million euros by the end of 2020. By the end of this year, Yingchuang will save 120 million euros, saving 20 million euros than the original plan.
  • In addition, by adopting additional emergency measures, such as the suspension of recruitment of new employees and tightening outsourcing service expenditures, Yingchuang will further save 20 million euros.

Yingchuang confirmed that its annual free cash flow expectations were expected to be about 700 million euros, which was greatly improved compared with last year. This is mainly due to reduced capital expenditure and net operationCapital accumulation and contract trust arrangement (CTA) partially repaid their pension expenditure. More accurate expectations do not include taxes caused by peeling methyl acrylate business.
The slowdown of the global economic slowdown also affected the third quarter of Yingchuang. Due to the decline in sales and prices, the sales of winning from July to September fell by 3 % to 3.23 billion euros. After adjustment, EBITDA decreased by 6 % year -on -year to 543 million euros.

The performance of the business sector

Resource efficiency business sector:
sales dropped by 1% , To 1.4 billion euros. After adjustment, EBITDA fell 4%to 322 million euros. Coatings, adhesives, resin and other businesses are affected by the slowdown of the development of the automotive and coating industry. The sales of silicon dioxide for industrial -related applications have decreased.

On the other hand, high -performance polymers benefit from the stable needs of the film product and 3D printing industry. The demand for cross -linkers in the wind power industry has continued to rise.
In addition, the sales of polyurethane foam additives have also achieved significant growth, mainly due to the strong demand for durable consumer goods and insulating materials.
Functional material business sector:
Sales decreased by 20 % compared with the same period last year to 475 million euros. After adjustment, EBITDA dropped 25 % to 47 million euros. The decline in the price of petroleum and stone oil and the decline in sales prices has slightly affected the development of the intermediate business.