Xu Zhiguang -The processing method of the injection molding machine failure What is Melt Blown Fabric userd for

Date:2022-7-19 Author:Sam

Injection molded electrical failure search method: \u0026 nbsp;
When the injection molding machine control circuit fails, first ask, watch, listen, and smell to do it. When the failure occurs, the query has done any adjustment or replacement components before the failure occurs; the so -called seeing is to observe whether each part is working properly, to see if the various signals in the control circuit are correct, and see if the appearance of the electrical element is exterior. Whether the color changes, etc.; the so -called listening is whether there are different sounds when listening to the circuit; the so -called smell, whether the circuit component has a odor. After completing the above work, the following methods can be used to find the failure of the electrical control circuit. \u0026 nbsp;
1. Program inspection method: \u0026 nbsp;
The injection molding machine runs in accordance with a certain program. The cycle of the mold opening, the outbound and entering and the core, each of which is called a working link, and the realization of each working link has an independent control circuit. The procedure check method is to confirm which control link of the fault, so that the direction of the failure of the failure is clear, and the targetedness is important to eliminate the failure. This method is not only applicable to the electrical control system with contacts, but also to the non -contact control system, such as the PC control system or single -chip microcomputer control system. \u0026 nbsp;
2. Static resistance measurement method: \u0026 nbsp;
Static resistance method is whether the point resistance of the point resistance of the metering circuit with a universal meter resistance in power is normal because any electronic component is a PN composition. LSNH Cable Extrusion Line , its positive and negative resistance is different, and any electrical component also has a certain resistance value. Connecting the lines or switches of the electrical component. The resistance value is not equal to zero or infinity. Therefore, measure whether their resistance value meets the requirements of the regulations can judge good or bad. This method can be used to check whether a electronic circuit is good or bad, and it is safer. \u0026nbsp;
  上述方法无法确定故障部位时,可在通电情况下进行测量各个电子或电气元器件的断电电位,因为在正常工作情况下,电流The potential of each point on the closed -loop circuit is certain. The so -called potential of each point refers The potential size on the electronic electronic component should conform to this law, so using a multimeter to measure whether the potential on the control circuit is in line with the specified value, you can determine the point of the fault, and then determine why the current value changes. Correct, or the circuit is disconnected, or the component is damaged. \u0026 nbsp;
4. Short -circuit method: \u0026 nbsp;
ControlThe circuit of the system is a switch or relay, and the contactor contacts are combined. When there is a failure of a certain or some contact point, you can use the wire to shorten the contact. At this time, if the failure disappears, it proves that the judgment is correct, indicating that the electrical component is broken. However, keep in mind that when the failure point is found, the short wiring should be removed immediately after the test is completed, and the short -wiring instead of the switch or switching contact is not allowed. The short -circuit method is mainly used to find the breakpoint of the electrical logic relationship circuit. Of course, sometimes the electronic circuit failure can also be used. \u0026 Nbsp; \u0026 nbsp;
5. Dissection method: \u0026 nbsp;
There may be special faults in the control circuit. This shows that some contacts in the circuit are shortened. The best way to find such a failure is to disconnect the way of disconnection. If the fault disappears, the judgment is correct. The disconnection method is mainly used for the failure point of the relationship with \”logic. \u0026 nbsp;
6. Alternative method: \u0026 nbsp;
According to the above method, the failure is found out of a certain point or a circuit board. At this time Failure -free components or circuit boards are replaced. If the failure disappears, the judgment is considered correct. Conversely, you need to continue to find. Often, maintenance personnel have spare parts of damaged components or important electronic boards. Once there is a fault, it will be resolved to solve the problem. One of the ways of fast discharge. \u0026 nbsp;
7. Experience method: \u0026 nbsp;
In order to be able to quickly discharge, in addition to continuously summarize your practical experience, you must also learn from others There are certain rules of failure, and some experiences are important lessons in exchanges with harden and sweat, and we should pay more attention to it. Often these experiences allow us to quickly eliminate failures and reduce accidents and losses. Of course, strictly speaking, an injection molding accident should be eliminated, which is the responsibility of our maintenance personnel.

Finding the failure method of the electrical system of the injection molding machine, in addition to the above, there are many other methods. No matter what the method is used, the maintenance worker must understand the injection molding The basic principles and structures of the machine can be repaired to repair the injection molding machine. \u0026 nbsp;
8. Basic idea of \u200b\u200belectrical systems: \u0026 nbsp;
Sometimes the failure system is more complicated. Now that the injection molding machine is controlled by microcomputers, the software and hardware are crossing together. Persistence at the end of the discharge: first easy, then difficult, first and internal, comprehensive consideration, and associative. \u0026 nbsp;
More faults in the operation of the injection molding machine are the failure caused by the poor switch contact contact contact, so it should be determined that the external lines and power parts should be checked according to the fault and the inside indicator light displayed. Door contacts, safe circuits, cross -flowing power supply, etc. As long as the circuit is familiar with the circuit, it is very good to touch the vine.Hurry up to solve. \u0026 nbsp;
Some faults are not as simple and intuitive as the relay line, and many protection links of the PC injection molding machine are hidden in its software and hardware system. Ordering and guessing the relationship between them, exclude doubts one by one until the failure is eliminated. \u0026 nbsp;
9. Method of poor test contact: \u0026 nbsp;
(1) On the control cabinet power supply entry board, there is usually a voltage table to observe the voltage during operation. If a certain voltage is low or fluctuated, Larger, this item may have a virtual connection. \u0026 nbsp;
(2) Test the temperature of each connection with a little thermometer, find the heating site, polish the contact surface, and tighten the screw. \u0026 nbsp;
(3) Test the virtual connection site with a low -voltage large current, break the total power supply, then disconnect the power supply entering the control cabinet, install a current generator, use 10mm2 copper core wire temporarily At both ends of the surface, the pressure regulator slowly increases, and when the short -circuit current reaches 50A, the input voltage value is recorded. The above method is measured once every connection to record each connection voltage value. The high voltage is in poor contact.