Why?These five companies, Himi Flame Retardant Fire Resistant Diffeiernce Group 2018 \”Supplier Innovation Award\”!

Date:2022-8-08 Author:Sam

123] 3con Co., Ltd. is Mr. Olhaneus, an engineer In 1998, it was established in Obonovov, Germany.
This is the fifth time the BMW Group awarded innovation awards to suppliers. Andreas \u0026 Nbsp; Wendt, a member of the group who is responsible for the purchase and supply of the BMW Group’s procurement and supply network, said: \”Keeping close to our suppliers is the basis for ensuring our proper supply at the global production base, and it is also our future in the automotive field in the automotive field. The guarantee of innovation. \”
Recently, the BMW Group held a award ceremony of the \”Supplier’s Innovation Award\” in 2018 in the BMW Factory in Langzhut, Germany. This is the fifth time that the BMW Group awarded innovation awards to suppliers. The Global Supplier Network of the BMW Group includes 3,200 production bases in 50 countries around the world, which plays a decisive role in the research and development of BMW’s new products. BMW Global Production Base is 31 million components per day.
BMW’s suppliers no longer simply supply parts to BMW, but also become BMW’s system developers and innovative partners. BMW’s annual purchasing volume reached 60 billion euros.
The BMW Group rewarded the outstanding achievements of 15 suppliers. And the winners of the five areas, including \”Emotional Experience\”.
1.3Con Hi won the BMW Group’s \”Production Efficiency\” award
Enterprises develop and produce advanced composite molds and equipment for composite machining of glue -coated film processes such as instrument panels, door panels, and ABC pillars.
In 2014, it became a symbol of 3CON’s globalization today. At the beginning of the year, 3CO was established in Michigan, USAN American company, then established 3CON China Sales Service in Shanghai, China.

Subsequently, in June 2016, based on strategic considerations of the Asian and Chinese market, the 3CON China headquarters and 3CON China production bases were established in Chengdu, China, covering an area of \u200b\u200b2200 square meters Essence

At present, 3CON Group has become a global for the automotive industry and its supplier in the car industry and its supply companies Special equipment originally leading manufacturers.

Award element: the fastest pressure film coverage system in the world

BMW and 3CON cooperate with 3con to create the world’s fastest pressure covering The membrane system can bond sewing leather and synthetic leather fabrics to injection molding components within 30 seconds.

Due to the use of rotating combination tools, the left and right driver components can be produced independently in order without being limited by integration restrictions. To deal with uniform treatment,
can reduce production costs of more than 80 %.

BASF won the honor of the BMW Group’s \”Excellent Sustainable Innovation Partner\”

BASF will sustainable development as one of the six major tasks of the company , the company’s goal is setting Definitely a sustainable corporate strategy. For BASF, this sustainable operation means that the success of enterprises should be consistent with environmental protection and social responsibility.

BASF has entered the Greater China market since 1885, becoming a loyal partner of China. It is one of the largest foreign investors in China’s chemical industry.

Award element: The best performance of carbon emissions
BASF won the 2018 \”Supplier Innovation Award\” issued by BMW Group, recognizing its sustainable development Outstanding performance in the field.
The BMW Group commented: BASF has achieved the best performance in the carbon emission report of the non -governmental organization \”Carbon Emissions Disclosure Project\” (CDP). The positive efforts and firm stance are the main reasons for the award.

In addition, BASF has also developed a variety of solutions to help customers reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For example, the
car paint integration process developed by BASF, compared with the traditional coating process, eliminates the coating and reducing solidification steps, thereby obviouslyReduce the investment cost and energy consumption of the painting workshop.
Dr. Martin \u0026 Nbsp; Bruremüller, chairman of the executive board of BASF European Corporation, said: \”In the past 50 years, BASF and BMW have a common goal, that is, to create a sustainable way of travel. We not only regard this honor’s recognition of long -term cooperation between the two parties, but also drive us to continue to become a leader in the field of sustainable development and set new benchmarks for the industry. Compared with 2018, it remains unchanged. \”

3. LG Chemistry won the BMW Group’s \”Efficient Power\” Award

lg \u0026 nbsp; chemistry from \u0026 nbsp; 1947 \u0026 nbsp; years since its establishment, 70 \u0026 nbsp; Chemical enterprises.

The company has not only established a global network of production, sales and research and development in major regions of the world, but also provides \u0026 nbsp; ABS, polarizing boards, automobile batteries, etc. to the world Improve the authority as a \”global material company\”.

At present, centered on the basic materials of the petrochemical industry, improve the market share of batteries, information electronic materials, and materials, expand the cause in the field of life sciences, build a orientation aspects Future business asset portfolio.

Award element: 12V lithium ion battery
Electric vehicle batteries require high safety and high output capacity, high energy density, etc., LG chemical products, etc. It has been verified to fully meet this performance and quality.

The 12V lithium -ion power battery of LG chemistry, so that the two heavy -documented lead batteries currently used by BMW can be leading The acid battery and light lithium batteries are replaced to achieve weight loss and emission reduction.
Lithium -ion batteries are more powerful than lead -acid batteries, and are easier to recover, which in turn makes the BMW system achieve more environmentally friendly purposes.

4. Inrix won the \”Digital\” award awarded by the BMW Group

Established in 2005, it is an expert in traffic road conditions. It not only analyzes the road conditions data through the reasoning sensor, but also analyzes road conditions through vehicles. This technology makes Inrix a leading service provider for global road conditions data services and analysis.

Inrix provides innovative solutions in the car and other transportation industryCases, such as real -time parking, traffic road conditions and solutions to help safety testing and autonomous vehicle deployment; at the same time, by analyzing the distribution of citizens, helping relevant enterprises provide useful information and help them make better business decisions.

Awarding element: ConnectedDrive Street Service

Conrix \u0026 Nbsp; Parking point.

Inrix \u0026 nbsp; By collecting data such as collecting positioning information, urban traffic conditions, car rental trading volume, and real -time \u0026 nbsp; gps \u0026 nbsp; and other data to generate a block of hot maps to show In the distribution of parking spaces, this hot spot is updated every hour to help the owner save time and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This service has recently combined BMW ultrasound data to further improve the service.

\”We can be praised by the BMW Group as one of the suppliers that improve the driving function, we are very excited.\” Executive Officer and President Bryan \u0026 Nbsp; Mistele said. \”Providing innovative, accurate and reliable parking services for BMW owners has always been our goal.\”
The awards ceremony also recognized the other two parking techniques of Inrix: Inrix \u0026 Nbsp; Parking \u0026 Nbsp; PATH \u0026#8482; and Ultrasonic \u0026 nbsp; Sensor \u0026 NBSP; Parking \u0026 Nbsp; Availability \u0026 Nbsp; Technology).
The BMW Group launched these two technologies this year to improve customer service quality and experience.

5. Preh \u0026 nbsp; GMBH won the honor of the \”Emotional Experience\” by the BMW Group

Preh \u0026 Nbsp; GMBH Company was established in 1919. Since 2011, Preh has become a car supplier. The company’s product field mainly includes car climate control, driving control, sensor systems, ECUs and automated instruments and innovations.
Award element: Modular mid -control panel

Preh \u0026 nbsp; GMBH’s modular central control panel integrates different technologies to a single component. The central control panel has only one interface, not composed of many independent switches and sockets, so that customers can choose their favorite configuration.123] Thanks to this module concept, multiple BMW series can already use this technology.

\”This award is the biggest return on the efforts made by all staff participating in this project, and it is to continue innovation and more for us in the future.Mo Dan dancing on the previous floor. We are honored to stand out among many brands and have been honored by BMW’s \”Emotional Experience\”.
Preh \u0026 Nbsp; GMBH President and CEO Christoph \u0026 Nbsp; Hummel said.
ThisThe modular central control platform can be obtained by Xiang Honor is mainly based on two aspects. The first is to integrate different technologies in a single component; the second is the independent configuration performance of the platform.